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2 ways to earn from books


If you are free this summer, let, sell your books and some pocket money. You must have plenty of books to take out. No matter whether they are self-published books or old collection. You just need to maintain the condition of the books and they are all set to sell. Find out all the books you want to sell and now care for the wear-tear. Improve the condition of the books by the following given ways and they are ready to sell. There are plenty of ways on how you can sell your books:

1. Selling used books:


If you want to sell your old and used books, you need some workout. Before you go out you need to first repair the damage done with the books. For that get all the books you want to sell and get them in tip top shape. Doing this will help you in getting higher prices. Look out for the bend pages, rips, writings or frayed edges. Do your best in repairing the book, although you cannot them perfect. Try to remove the old bookmarks from t books and also the pencil work. Tape the edges and unfold the dog-ears from the book. The best way is to buy the book repair materials which are used by librarians. Also use the whitener to remove any marks from the book. Below given points should be kept in mind:

  •  Determine the price before you step out to sale:


Before going to sell the book you must look out for the price on which it can be sold. The first check price on the book, then rate it accordingly, depends 30% or 40%. Check the price of the books online and if the prices differ, try to find an average price and always remember that a damaged book is not worth much no matter what the content is inside. Books can be sold on online sites. Go through the various sites and try to find on much discount they are ready to get the book. Online selling is the easiest and best way to sell your books. Look for the different venues and sellers available online and go on. Go through the procedure of online registrations and different vendors for different types of books like textbooks, vintage, cookbooks and much more the other way is you can go to the seller and talk to them. Try to convince them to take books on the reasonable prices. The best sites to sell your books can be amazon and eBay. Also look out for the shipping charges.

  •  Check out for bookstores also:


Try to find out the local, bookstores present in your area. They must be interested in taking old books. Before you do that, understand their policy and terms and then take a decision. Bookstores sell old books, so you might get benefits there. Always keep in keep in touch with them. Ask them if they will pay with credit or some exchange. Try out yard sale, if you have a lot of books. Taking care of weather put up all your books in the garage and put up the ad some days before in the newspaper or something. If you put in a garage sale at the cheapest prices, people will fund to you. As book lovers love to buy cheap books in large number from a single place. This is the best idea and you don’t not have to go anywhere. You can ask your friends to join you and sell books together, this time in a large number. Pile up different variety of books in different sections and add up some quotations. Decorate the place with some bookish materials or add some quotes. So, get up and collect all the books.

2. Selling self-publishes books:


If you want to sell your own or self-published books, make sure that you have edited properly. Hire a personal and intellectual editor and make him check the book before you sell it in the market. Make the cover page very attractive and the name of the book should be chosen carefully. The rest depends on your stories. You need to make some advertisement before putting into the market. The best way is social media. Post regularly about your novel or book regularly and time to time on social media sites. You can use the medium of newspaper too. The social media like blogs/ tumbler, Facebook. Twitter and Instagram are very famous today. Try them out. Posting about your book will increase the number of buyers. To make your book famous, do local events or attend the book fairs. Reach the local bookstores and talk to them to display your book and inspire people. This is just a start, once people start looking your book, half the battle is won. Try to do lots of marketing, reach as many people a you can. Go to colleges where young grads are very enthusiastic. Take and auditorium where you can introduce your book in public. Remember the marketing is not that easy. First do a bit of research and learn how to do marketing and then make your move. In the end, you will feel that it was worth money spent and time also.

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