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16 Fake Before-and-After Photos That Will Make You Question EVERYTHING

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16 Fake Before-and-After Photos That Will Make You Question EVERYTHING

Most people take about a million selfies before posting but only their most flattering shots see the light of day. The problem: when you keep your bad angles off the internet, you trick people into thinking you have no bad side, no flaws — a misconception that can end up making others feel really bad about their own imperfections.

It’s why some women have been posting photos of their worst angles taken mere seconds, minutes or hours apart from an otherwise flattering shot — and they’re getting all the likes because of it. Here are some of the women who’ve received the most attention for their posts:

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1. Sara Puhto

Although the photos above were taken seconds apart, Sara Puhto, a 20-year-old based in Finland, posted them side-by-side to show her followers how she looks when she’s not posing for Instagram. She pulled off this “transformation” by flexing her core, changing her pose, and standing in brighter light.

It’s not the first time Sara used an illusion to prove this point. Her fake butt transformation racked up more than 5,000 likes and drew over 100 comments.

Both photos serve as a reminder that those picture-perfect people you see all over Instagram aren’t necessarily flawless, but strategic, which is ever the more reason to stop comparing your body to theirs.

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2. Anna Victoria

Anna Victoria, the Instagram fitness star behind the popular Fit Body Guides, posted the photo above days before her wedding to show her followers that hey, everyone has off angles — even at their fittest.

She received such positive feedback from the post that she shared another photo of herself after that, this time without wearing makeup, and then another side-by-side before-and-after to show how her stomach looks regularly (right below) versus the 1% of the time when she’s posing for photos (left below):

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