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13 Ways to beat the Heat this Summer


The temperature has broken all the records. Hot winds are blowing and people feel if they stay longer in Sun they will get roasted. I wouldn`t try that! People cannot go out in afternoon because the heat is unbearable. Playgrounds are empty as the rides are too hot to touch. Water parks and swimming pools are flocked with people from all age groups.

You cannot escape the heat, but you can protect yourself from it. Not just from the outside but even inside body heat should be maintained by proper diet.

Extreme temperatures can result in very serious conditions-

Suntan-  Low exposure to Sun results in suntan. The skin color is darkened. Tanning affects different skin types differently. Light skin suffers from tan occasionally and soon.

Sunburns- Over exposure to UV rays cause sunburn. Common source of UV rays is Sun. Sunburn as the word suggests leave the skin red which is too hot to touch. Symptoms are-

  • Peeling skin
  • Red rash
  • Dizziness etc

Heat stroke- Usually people over the age of 50 suffer from heat stroke. It is the situation when the core body temperature reaches to 105C. Basic symptoms are-

  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Cramps etc.



Following precautions can be taken to beat the heat-

1)  Stay indoors-

When the heat outside is up to 45C, it is sensible enough to stay inside as much as possible. Keep the outings in the time interval when the temperature cools down a little bit. When inside, close all the doors and windows so that the hot air doesn`t blow inside. Keep the curtains closed.

2)  Eat lots of fruits-

Fruits like watermelon, orange, sweet melon, musk melon help in reducing the body heat. Watermelon is 95% water and is considered good for body in summers. Not many people know this but steamed mango when eaten with jeera and pinch of salt help in fighting heat stroke.

3) Limit your daily exercises-

Try to avoid vigorous exercises and activities that result in fatigue. Too much stress on body will lead to sweating and might make your body dehydrated.

4)  Hydrate your body-

Listen to the doctor when he says drink lots and lots of water. Drink at least 6-10 glasses of water. Keep a box of juices in your fridge. Nothing beats chilled buttermilk. It is completely natural and healthy. Keep your body hydrated else you might suffer from dehydration.

5)  Cover your body

If don`t want a tan or heat stroke, you better take out all the scarves and caps from your closet. Wear clothes which cover maximum parts of your body. When the sun is direct up, the heat can be fatal for your head. Wear hat or scarf. Cover your hands with gloves and feet with socks.



6)  Go bright this summer-

Wear bright colors like orange, yellow, white etc as they absorb less heat. Avoid dark shades. Wear loose cotton clothes for passing of air.

7)  Use sunscreen-

Apply sunscreen before going out. They help you protect yourself from UV rays which cause cancer as well as sunburn. Know the right SPF before applying.SPF doesn’t mean the power level rather it signifies the time gap after which you might need to apply it again.

8)  Switch off electrical appliances-

Electrical appliances like laptop, tube lights, TV generate a lot of heat. When not in use, kindly switch them off. After switching off the phones and laptops keep them away as they give out heat even when off.

9)  Minimize the caffeine and alcohol intake-

Try to consume less caffeine and alcohol as they also result in dehydration. Drink healthy liquids like juice, glucose, buttermilk, shakes etc.

10)  Avoid sudden change in temperatures –

Body cannot tolerate a sudden change of temperatures. So if you just came from outside, don’t drink chilled water or sit in AC room immediately. Wait for some time; let your body return to its normal temperature and then consume the chilled products.

11)  Bath twice

Bathe twice in a day to keep your body cool. Keep some water stored in buckets.

12)  Eat healthy eat less-

Try eating small meals after small intervals. You will not have to stand near the gas stove for long periods. Include salad in your meals as it contains some proportion of water. If you are non vegetarian, lessen the red meat in your diet.

13)  Go on a family trip

June is the month when the schools and colleges are closed. Take your family to a trip to beaches or hill stations. Book a ticket to Kashmir, Goa, and Himachal Pradesh, any place you like. The only criteria will be cold temperature and snow will be a treat!



All is fair in love and heat. Go out in malls when your own power supply is cut, open the fridge and stand in front of it, make newspapers your fan during cut off, be the first one to bath in morning as water is usually cool at that time, store water bottles in fridge and keep one in freezer. Make ice popsicles of different flavor; run outside as soon as you hear the bells of ice cream wala. Do anything you can to survive the blazing heat of summer.

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