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10 Habits You Should Quit Right Now

10 Habits You Should Quit Right Now
10 Habits You Should Quit Right Now

It’s said that success is nothing but a series of consistently practiced successful habits. The quality of results we achieve in life are a direct consequence of the habits we practice daily. Apparently, a man’s habit may make or break him. We involuntarily imbibe many bad habits in our daily routine that should be eradicated right away. Some bad habits are indeed bad for you- emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Here is a list of 10 Bad Habits you must quit right now.

1. Eating in Stress

Stress eating is a common fad today. Weather hungry or not, most of us indulge in irrelevant eating to feed our emotions. While eating delicious food is an abating experience, however, most of the comfort disappears as you finish eating. This means adding up useless calories which apparently do no good to the body.

2. Nail Biting

Not only is it a gross habit, but also something that cause serious health issues such as malocclusion of the anterior tooth (leading to digestive issues). Replace nail biting with a positive habit such as listening to music or going for a run. People who bite their nails tend to have shorter nails than those who bite them.

3. Being around the negative souls

Naysayers are one of the best destroyers of self esteem. You deserve to stay around people who lift you up instead of pulling you down. You would be surprised by the level of happiness you will experience after knocking them off your life. We already criticize ourselves quite a lot, for Christ’s sake we do not need these energy vampires.

4. Smoking

About 500,000 people in America die every year due to smoking. The usurious figure should be a reason strong enough for you to stop doing it. Male and Female smokers lose about 13.2 and 14.5 years of their life respectively because of smoking. Not only is it dangerous for a person to smoke, but also the people around a smoker are exposed to various health issues.

5. Too much Drinking

Alcohol in moderation OK. But when you exceed the intake (everyday or once in a while), health problems won’t stay far away. Too much alcohol affects the brain’s neural setup and disrupts clarity of thought. With apparent effects on the liver, Alcohol is also known to disrupt the functioning of human heart.

6. Junk Food

McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza hut, Domino’s- they are latest food fad’s in the market. Yes, junk food tastes delicious. But do you know that it has the same effect on brain like that of a drug? More junk food we eat, the more junk food we crave. It’ll be wise to replace the soda’s with fresh juice, fried meat with grilled meat, and french fries with mash potatoes.

 7. Excessive Red Meat

Excessive consumption of Read Meat is associated with various types of cancers such as stomach, breast and bladder. Limit it to at most 300 gm per week. Evidence against it are apparent now, ever since the revelation made by World Cancer Research Fund.

8. Excessive Television

Average people own big televisions, extraordinary people own big libraries. Spending 3 hours every day in front of a television does you no good. Referred as the idiot box, television is one of the biggest distractions which hinders us to achieve our life goals. Instead of watching television, devote your time on exercising, reading, and other productive activities.

9. Coming Late

‘It is better to be 60 minutes early than be 5 minutes late’. Being late shows that you are not in the charge of your life, it depicts carelessness. Also a rude gesture, it affects our stress levels as well. Instead of being on time, focus on getting there early. You’ll be more relaxed, will have extra time, and complete the task on time.

10. Staying in Bad Relationships

Nothing but a waste of time and energy, Bad relationships hinder your prosperity like nothing else. Like a weed that should be eradicated as soon as possible, it is time to cut off all the jerks from your life. Remember, emotions are contagious. You are most likely to become the person you hang out with.

“The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. An amateur has amateur habits. A professional has professional habits. We can never free ourselves from habit. But we can replace bad habits with good ones.”- Steven Pressfield
“I’ve never really focused on if I had good habits when I sang or if I had bad habits, or if I was breathing correctly. So, I started doing vocal exercises and would stretch out before I sang, stuff to help my breathing. It’s funny, you breathe your whole life then you find out you’re not doing it correctly.”- Rodney Atkins












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