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13 Facts You Didn’t Know About Girls College


Common Facts Seen In A Girls College!
Coming from a Co-ed school and joining a all girls college is quite challenging.While some girls who come from a All girls school join the college to be all safe and surrounded by the same type of atmosphere.If you are a tomboy who is all used to boys in your friends and love hangingout,there are chances you may become bored after sometime seeing only girls girls and girls.But Girls college is quite fun and Exciting.All the wildness and mischiefs can be seen practically.


Well,this is an old tag for girls.They are the world’s Gossip queens.Girls love gossiping and in a Girls college you will find this,Either in class or sitting outside the College Canteen.One never gets bored of it.Whats the Hot Topic?”Do You know What..?” Are seen everywhere.


In this current scenario,Androids and Iphones are basically bought by girls for Online shopping and selfies.They love taking out thousands of selfies and groupfies too.Girls are eveready to take out a picture.In class,library,Bus,canteen and even in the washrooms.Well,these all make memorable memories to be cherished in future.


Well in a girls college there,it is obvious to find geeks aswell.Some are very introvert and do not care for their dressings.First year of college somehow passes with their same old kind of dressing sense,But as soon as the second year hits,there have been soo many transformations and suprises seen.Those shy girls of your college turn out to be one of the prettiest girls.Girls college is a place where you can explore your fashion talent and sense,It is a place to test yourself.The other girls are like your judges or helpers.Well,it is fun to dress up and create a Personality if your own.


There are soo many stylish,looks conscious girls seen.They are arrogant too some can never get over with themselves.When they walk,they leave others stearing at them with an ‘AWWE.’They have all the latest clothes,bags,shoes and are most fashion updated.Some of Their motto is to be either Beauty with Brains while mostly are actually BEAUTY without Brains!!.
Moslty these girls are busy discussing their clothes and shoes and are Bloggers too.


Well these girls are the book worms.While half of the girls are busy sipping coffee and gossiping,They are the ones who attend all Lectures.They can never afford to miss any class and do all the assignments and projects on time.They work hard to do their best and make their Parents and teachers happy.For them Career is first and then anything else.They make notes and often visit the library!


There are practically some girls who depend on Canteen food.They know all the Menu and have tried all the items of the canteen.They party in the canteen,they even pay later since they are the common faces for the canteen owners too and after getting bored from the lectures they wish to go straight to the canteen.Food is their life!


Well,apart from male professors and staff it is uncommon to see guys inside the campus.There are some girls who go carzzy when they see an outsider specially when he is a Handsome guy.Girls go mad over the glimpse and some try to pass in front of them frequently to draw their attention.


Girls vs Girls.Well girls are always ready for competion and judgements.Well,when they have stylish professors then the students become more serious.They keep noticing things about their teachers and even give names to their teachers whom they get scolding from.”Chashmish”,”Lambu”,”Moti”,”Dayan”,etc are some worst names given to their teachers.


Well Girls college is a place where you make new friends too apart from your same school friends and there are chances you meet one of your life’s bestest friends.Groups,Two Besties and even trios are seen.They are seen sitting together,chatting and moving around in the college together.They become best friends and if one is missing,they can’t spend their day in the college.

(10)Whatsapp,FB&Insta Obsessed

Android apps have become so popular and these girls love them.Snapchat is something which they have to do.WhatsApp is now a means to share studynotes,emotional messages and even keep screenshots of conversations.


There are girls who go to college but love bunking.They are the ones who hate attending classes and look for a chance to bunk.Bunk can be either to hangout with their girlfriend besties or either to meet their Boyfriends. On Valentines Day,Outside the college gates,Boys are seen the most and girls love bunking.


Some girls only come to college to show off their dresses and draw attention.There are RED lipstick and Pout lovers too.They love makeup and come to move around the college.They are seen in washrooms often combing and making hairstyles and putting on lipsticks for selfies.


Well,every college have girls who spread wrong rumours about girls,teachers and principals.There are false notions about Partiality too.
End of the day we see it depends on us,how we take things and make the most out of it.

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