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12 Types of People On Facebook



Facebook started in 2004 and many of us joined shortly after that making it the largest social networking site today when most of us joined Facebook out first opinion about it was very impressive as we had not seen a website so user friendly. Now, due to the social media boom up no one can remember using anything else for daily updates of their lives. Facebook was a very nice website because people only used it occasionally as in how it was originally meant to be. But now, almost 8 years with almost a billion people on the website, it is noticed that some people only use it for specific things and thereby some of these things are awfully annoying. So, anyways, there can be 12 categories of types of people on Facebook.

1. The creeper


Such Facebook users are known as a stalker in real life. These Facebook users are those who never comment or like anything on Facebook nor do they post anything on their Facebook timeline but they know everything you do surprisingly. You won’t know who these people are until you meet them in real life which will make you discover that they will know everything that you did recently which will make you feel weird and awkward.

2. The Over-Poster


They always like you to know what they are doing every five minutes no matter how trivial it is for all of their friends on Facebook. But, something that they don’t realize is that nobody really cares what they do all day long and such people should just stop at once and not annoy everything with their senseless status updates, picture updates and location updates.

3. The Status Hijacker


Have you ever posted something on Facebook and have found that the conversation has been taken over by someone else or they have completely changed the topic of your status. Isn’t that pestering? yes, it is. Those are the times when you wish that you were never friends with those particular people. And, these are also usually the people who copy paste your statuses without even asking you or acknowledging you. Aren’t they aware that there exists something called as the share button? They should just share the status if they like something but why copy it make a whole bad scene on Facebook.

4. The Attention Seeker


These are the people who post those cryptic one line statuses like ‘I can’t Believe this happened’ or ‘Life is such a mess right now!’ Then they wait for people to fall for their trap and ask them questions like what happened and then they never tell the rest of the story even if you keeping asking then with the intention to console them and then all they do is just let the comment and questions built up  and not reply to them as by just receiving those comments makes them feel good about themselves.

5. The Promoter


We all have someone like this in our life. This is that person on Facebook who invites us for every possible event at all times. You sometimes start to make an opinion about them like all that is left in their life to do is promote each and every even that they hear off. These sort of people are usually very social and such events play an vital role in their lives.

6. The Game-Addict


We have at some point hated these type of people on Facebook and they are the once who play games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc and send you numerous unnecessary requests. They spend hours playing these games online almost wasting half of their day’s precious time goes in vain because of this addiction of theirs and playing these games diligently become a huge part of their life which results them in playing these games religiously everyday by hook or crook.

7. The Superstitious


These are the people on Facebook who keep posting their daily horoscope and sometimes you feel like telling them we don’t really care about your horoscope and just stop posting it. They show all their spirituality on for n o apparent reason and sometimes the case is that they are not active on Facebook as in they don’t like, comment, share or post anything but, they don’t forget to post their horoscope to the entire world.

8. The Preacher


These Facebook users keep writing inspirational quotes, religious quotes and life stories. They try to portray themselves as saints of some sort or maybe they try to portray themselves as very nice and pious people but, sometimes in reality they ain’t that good but, they pretend to be good on Facebook.

9. The Drunk


These Facebook users are the crazy jobless people who post their pictures and statuses from crazy late night parties and then the next morning when they realize the disaster they have done on Facebook, they begin to delete all those posts. Their unintentional post are usually very funny too see or read by other people on their friend list.

10. The Anti-Proof-readers

These Facebook users have spelling errors and grammatical errors in every single status of theirs and this makes you wonder how did they manage to pass out from high school. They feel they are very good at their language but, they refrain themselves from the reality that they ain’t that good with their language.

11. The Whiner


We all know one of these Facebook users at least! Every single post of theirs is about how their life is bad and they are pessimistic about everything. They find agony and depression in every single thing their life and pester everyone on their friend list with sad and abysmal quotes. These people should sometimes realize that Facebook isn’t their personal therapist.

12. The Drama- Queen

Drama Queen

These people are very dramatic about life as they choose to live in a fairytale world, they want to show off about themselves all the time. They think they are the best in every way, they are self-obsessed  and they also love throwing their tantrums at everyone. They love receiving praises like all the time by anyone and everyone n matter what.

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