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12 Reasons Why you Feel Older than You Actually Are


This happens with everyone, and not just the women. We all have issues with our age, no matter what phase we’re in. Age has always been more than a number to us, and we’re always happy to showcase our age much lower than it actually is. But deep down under, we know and yet we don’t. Because we have a sheer outrage or a part of human psychology that let us believe that we feel older than we actually are.

It might not be a perpetual feeling throughout the day, but after a late work or a workout or a presumptuous intimacy with your spouse, the feelings come to pour up in your mind, slowly and then all at once. Sometimes, it has a good feeling about them, sometimes rather not. Rightly, we still don’t know the proper reason behind this, but we’ve summed up some of the points that can be counted upon as reasons for the same.

1. As we said, age is just not a number for most of us. We’re no minimalists but extremists of the consumer cause. And for us, being old is trendy or rather be called as hip. And that means you have every reason to pretend having more problems than the rest of your cousins. And also it gives you a right to stare at point blank for more time than usual giving a way to thinking of the far stretched out topics out of human understanding and soul.


2. You are very much convinced of the idea of the world around the age you see, you’ve never been there at any point of your youthfulness. In short, you never had the chance to look that great while pursuing your life around that age.


3. It’s very much assumable to think off when you consider this as the times when you were entering the teenager and saw some of your neighborhood peers of your age doing things meant for the people a decade older. The same who are living a wrecked up life at the moment. And we hope you get the idea what we’re talking about.Drugs Kids 7

4. You’ve just encountered one of those, what they say: a heartbreak. The one who you have chosen to be the one for the rest of your life as the only one you could and have been fallen in love with didn’t go along with your plans and went along with another one. Well, yeah such breakups or to be truthful, any kind of breakups automatically ages you about two decades. Ha, that bitch is not going to leave you easy.


5. The bitch we were talking about was indulged in something abstentious and sinful for years, and you got to know about it just the days after your breakup, after all the things you’ve been through. There you go, add another couple of decades to your age. And man, that shit was really dark. We feel you, bro.article-2711578-2023DE0800000578-557_634x382

6. You just indulged yourself in a kind of adult talk with a peer of your age and you’ve no idea what he/she was talking about. And you bated your way out of that talk, as you don’t wanted to be the one feeling embarrassed about such a trivia. Well, that is some kind of milestone. Don’t you think?



7.On meeting up a friend on the sidewalk which you haven’t seen in quite some time and wondering about how you were thinking about them the other day and at the same time realizing you’ve no shit that is common at this moment of the discrepancy. Well, that is sad in most scrupulous kind of way, as you two used to share drags on the college roof, and now as you know the past was a way much cooler story.


8.Before you noticed, your wardrobe has taken an anonymous turn in itself that kinds of speaks for itself.  And the hoodies have taken their way downhill while taking their place are the dull colored regular sweatshirts making their pile up with a backpack to accompany rather than the sling. Well,  that must be some news considering the formals you’re wearing at the moment.


9. While you were hunting down the facebook feeds searching for the new pictures your ex might have uploaded lately. You came across a certain article talking about a certain kind of event that still felt like yesterday. And then you happen to notice that shit was two and half years ago.


10. Someone you know in your neighborhood peer(not the one doing shit older than that supposed to do) you spent your childhood days with, is getting kind of famous lately. And you’re just like how on earth did that happen?img_1659

11.Your friends are dancing to the beats of Honey Singh, or One Direction or some gay pop teenager, and you’re just like done with that shit. Let’s get some Nirvana on the line.

one d

12. Do you happen to check the time on your laptop at the moment, and happen to see the date. It’s August already, and you’re like its August already!


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