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12 problems faced by introverts


WARNING-The following article is meant only for introverts. They will relate to every word of it. Extroverts are not supposed to read it for many reasons, first being they won`t get it unless they have friends who are introverts. If they do have, well in that case, it might help them understand the strange behavior of their friends.

1)  Your mind starts racing as soon as someone approaches for a conversation

Introverts are not interested in small time chit chats. We want deep meaningful conversations. If we see someone approaching we start racking our brain for what we should say- How was your day? , What`s going on? EMPTY. The brain goes blank after 2 questions. You my friend are tagged rude or shy or uninterested.

2)  Invitation to a social event or party…Err No thanks!

Introverts don`t like social events. Like would be an understatement. We dread social events. We have to chat, meet people and introduce ourselves and look jovial else we will become a spoilsport.

3)  Hobbies which involve less or no people

We are guilty of avoiding people whenever we have free time. It is not because we don’t like people but we like spending alone time more. So our hobbies include reading, listening to music, painting etc and exclude hanging out with bunch of people at clubs or food joints.

4)  Prepare ourselves before answering a phone call

Have a friend who answers a phone a bit late. Most likely your friend is an introvert who is preparing to answer it. Seems ridiculous? Well it is true. Our mind starts questioning why is he calling? What should I say? Does he want to invite me to a party? Maybe I shouldn’t pick up and message later. *saved*


5)  Why are you so quiet?

Introverts can`t stay at home forever. Once we get out, we are bombarded with questions like why are you so quiet. Is something wrong? Just because we don’t like talking about random things at all times doesn`t means we are sad or depressed. We just don`t feel like talking.

6)  Take the route with less people in it

Avoiding people in public places is a task. Sometimes we don`t really have much to talk about and then the silence becomes very awkward and kind of claustrophobic. See a group of people turn around and walk through another way or plug in your earphones and turn the volume to maximum.

7)  Stopping ourselves from saying no when our friends wants to invite their friends

It’s a sticky situation. It is your party with just close friends invited. Suddenly your friend throws an unexpected invisible blow at your face “Can I invite him/her?” Your first reaction in your mind – who is that person, why are you doing this to me, NO she can`t come. But you have to be polite and with pursed lips you answer, “Yeah sure, you can call her”. Great! Now there is one person who I can`t run into.

8)  Stop getting invite as you cancel most of the plans

With introverts there is just one question of when. When should I say no to the invite? Immediately saying no will hurt the person. Maybe I can say no later. Take my time, let their excitement come down and then I can cancel. Now or later, that is the question.

9)  Have a novel to read or headsets plugged in, while in metro

The motto- “If you look busy nobody will trouble you”. Introverts have a novel handy so that they can immerse themselves in it and in this way they won`t have any conversation with people. But this plan may backfire. Another person who likes the same author might start talking to you.


10)  Unasked advises

It is almost like a sin to be an introvert nowadays. Everybody has become “social”, thanks to social networking sites. We have to deal with all the advises of families and friends.

  • Go out
  • Talk to people
  • Socialize
  • Make more friends etc

11)  Endless imaginary conversations

We may not talk a lot in real but inside our minds it is like a party of conversations. We have endless thoughts about conversations we never had, with people we have never met, at places we have never been to. We are creative, dreamy, imaginative – just unknown to outer world.

12)  Being misunderstood

Introverts are most likely to be understood. Wanting to be left alone hurts people who are friends with us. Strangers just think of us as rude who thinks we are too arrogant to engage in a conversation with them. The silence, my friends, is not intentional.

The list is endless. But it is better to stop right now. Introverts prefer to remain unknown and tend to live in their own protective shell. They only say things that matter and to people who matter to them.

P.S-We might not show every emotion on our face, we might not talk to every person we get in touch with, we might not hang out with every known person but we have friends, we are not boring, reading is fun to us and besides the few people who know us we don`t give a care about the others.


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