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12 Irritating Things Kids Too


Kids seem like those fluffy little cute creatures which mean no harm . This is what comes to every mind. But are these kids really that harmless. I doubt. If you be with them for a long time , you’ll get to know that they are more like self-destruct buttons. They can sometimes be small packets of everything irritating.

Kids can be really cute. They win hearts by their loving smile. But there’s a lot more going behind that smile. They are innocent but that innocence just can’t satisfy everything they do. Kids can get into your nerves and their ways can be different. Here’s a list of some of the most irritating things they do :

1. They talk a lot :

Isn’t that a good thing is I guess what you were gonna say. May be it is good because they are just asking doubts and are curious about everything around them. But it really becomes irritating after a point of time . Imagine your relatives are living at your home for some days and their kids are sharing room with you. You are really tired but the kid had been talking to you for like more than an hour now. And I know you are trying really hard to explain yourself that he’s just a curious talkative kid but you need to sleep. The questions they ask are mostly stupid ,dumb and unanswerable which even adds up and to increase the level of your irritating many times . It’s unintentional but it’s irritating.

2. They want to see everything:

Everything important,fragile or any other kind of thing, they just need to see it . Playing with it is the second thing. Your heart starts beating faster because it’s an important thing for you . You try to explain the kid and lure him to take something else. But the kids starts crying. Boom! Sorry ,the kid broke it by mistake while playing. He’s just a kid ,he didn’t do it intentionally, does that explanation make up for the loss? Atleast not in my case .

3. Crying:

These little creatures have a sound box of double their size and cry at the top of their voices. Those tears ( which actually seem like crocodile tears to me) are the best weapon to get anything in this world. You try anything but they just won’t stop crying till they get what they want.



4. They are too clingy!:

Its hot but they don’t understand . They’ll will irritate you by transferring their heat into you. That’s not all ,they are  dirty and sweaty hands give you the gross feeling you just can’t get over.



5.They keep creating mess every now and then :

Your whole house turns upside down when there’s a kid playing. You can keep cleaning your house but you’ll never finish cleaning. That’s the amount of mess they create.



6.They get stuck everywhere:

There’s no point to it but still it’s true. They somehow manage to get into places which are impossible to go and start crying. Then you can just try and figure out how to just get them out while they are still crying and your mind is still wondering over the fact that how on earth did he get there?.





7. Tattle:

Imagine you were babysitting the kids. First thing they do when they see their mom is complain. They have a long never ending list of everything you did wrong during the whole day. The list could also include things you didn’t do ,like hit them,snatch things from them. And then you need to justify each and every thing.

8. They get scared easily:

They are scared of the dark , of new things and to top it all other humans. They cry when they see new people. It is so embarrassing when they cry on seeing you. You can try really hard to make them laugh ,but they’ll still cry like you are gonna kidnap them.

9. They be like- ‘This is mine’ :

They take everything and behave like it’s theirs and they just refuse to give it back. Let’s face the reality they can’t share their things even with other kids.

10. They don’t have manners:

I don’t expect them to learn table manners but simple things like how to get food into the mouth would be great. Food ain’t a massage cream.

11.Answering back :

Kids these days answer you back in such a bad way which is never expected from them. You didn’t talk to them like that ,infact you were being sweet. And if someone else watches them talking like that they blame us for teaching them all this. They tell us how they never spoke in such a manner before they got in touch with you. I know you are innocent and tried being nice to them, but kids can be smart.

12. They talk in alien language:

They speak a language no one understands or if they even speak Hindi or English it sounds alien too.


But on the flip side they just laugh or smile after a while. And that smile makes us forget all the worries and problems too. They are full of energy and freshness. They make dull days interesting. Kids are kids!. You can’t help it as they are still learning and growing up.

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