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11 Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting College Life


As you step into a new life,everything is going to change,so should you. It’s time for you to buck up . This summer spend time creating new memories you can cherish and grooming yourself for the upcoming changes. As life takes a steep turn,you should be prepared for it so that you don’t loose your balance. Before you make new friends,explore the new city there are a few things you should keep in mind which will help you in gaining what you wish to. Here’s a list if things you should learn this summer before you step into college:

1.Develop good communication skills:  This is actually something you need at each and every point in your life. This place is no different. If you don’t take the first step and talk to people you will have no friends for like atleast the starting two months. Trust me you don’t want to sit alone when everyone else already is part of a group. One more thing what you talk about does matter.

2.Wardrobe makeover :Think of all the clothes you no longer wear but they still occupy space in your closet,get them out. Buy some new clothes,but not too many. What’s trending and what’s not keeps changing so you’ll want to buy some clothes after attending college for a few days too,save that money for that day.

3.Get to know your place:If you can visit the place where you’ll be living for the next few years ,stroll around and get an idea about the place.Locate major shopping destinations,grocery stores ,chemist shops,ATM etc. If you can not visit the college try searching things online to get an idea about the place.

4.Extra curricular activities:College isn’t all about studying and getting good grades. It’s a lot different from school. Your participation in activities except studying will contribute a lot in college. Think about all the things you are really good at and make a list of different societies your college has. Prepare for their interviews. College life is a lot more interesting if you are involved in extra curricular activities. The plus point you get to participate in competitions,learn more about the thing you are interested in,make new friends apart from being popular in college.


5.Learn to do small errands :I know there are a lot of us who don’t even know how to press clothes or even boil milk.

6.Learn to cook simple things:Maggi saves us all,but you can’t rely on maggi all the time. One time or the other you will have to cook something for your self,so why not learn it while you are still at your home rather than transforming your hostel or apartment kitchen into a laboratory where a failed experiment was performed. There would be a time when you’ll be bored of that food you once wished to eat everyday and that junk can make you weak too. So,it’s good to cook for our own satisfaction and to rejuvenate our taste buds.


7.Widen your areas of interest:’You don’t know that’ ,’You haven’t heard about it’. These are the lines you certainly don’t want to hear from others about you. To ignore this embarrassing situation and also to provide you a topic to discuss when nothing is popping in your head – Read newspapers ,atleast the headlines. Try new music genres and get an idea about all of them,so that you aren’t aloof of what people are talking about. Read some good books.It will pass your summertime easily .

8.Spend time with your family:It’s true that you are gonna miss them a lot,so try and spend as much as possible time with them now when it’s actually possible. Go for picnics,go shopping with your mom,help your dad.


9.Don’t forget to catch up with your friends: You have no idea when will you meet them next,so make this last get together a memorable one because you are gonna cherish these memories for a lifetime. Try keeping contact with them.


10.Makeover:After a wardrobe makeover,the next thing you need is your own makeover. What could be better than a haircut?Or just start taking care of your skin to get that glow.

11.Organize your documents: It’s time to clean up that mess of papers you have and sort out relevant stuff. Arrange documents in different files. A file for all the certificates,another for mark sheets and so on. Then keep those files which you need to take with you in your travel bag and the rest at a safe place. Don’t forget that now only you are responsible for your actions,so keep things in place so that you don’t loose your documents.

The list just goes on,but we are gonna stop here. No one can teach you everything,so the rest you’ll learn by yourself. Don’t worry it’s gonna be awesome. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every moment. Take pictures,click selfies,bunk classes,explore the world,do crazy stuff,love ,make friends and have the best time of your life. Yeah!,but don’t forget your limits because you don’t want to end up in lockup or fail in your exams. And to sum it all up a line from The Fault In Our Stars book:”You are going to live a good and long life filled with great and terrible moments that you can not even imagine yet!” P.S. As long as you are in college,make it one hell of a story.

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