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11 Steps to a Stress free You


Mind is the strongest and weakest part of your body depending upon how you use it. The phrase “use it or lose it” appears in the book “The monk who sold his Ferrari”, it goes on to explain how the mind is a great servant but a bad master. Everything will be fine till the time you are the one in control of your mind, the moment it goes the other way round, everything messes up.

In today`s time everything has become a race. Everybody is stressed. Students want to clear numerous examinations, parents are stressed because they are parents to these students, and youth is stressed due to disappointing employment rate. So many things are there to worry about, it sometimes take a toll on your mental health. When in distress, de-stress!

1.  Listen to music

Update your playlist with soothing songs which calms your mind. Download some instrumental songs. My personal favorite is “I believe in your victory”. Nothing loud, as that may do more harm than good.

2.  Break up with your gadgets for an hour

No exaggeration but hearts do break when people lose their gadgets (phones, laptop, TV etc). For an hour or two switch off everything and put your mind at rest. No notifications, no mails, no message. Remember the phone is for your convenience. Don`t worry about missing calls, if the matter is important they will call you back!

3.  Sleep

Sleep is the best remedy for all problems. Switch off your phone and lights and take a peaceful sleep. Take a small nap and put all your worries to sleep. The thing which is troubling you might go away as a bad nightmare. When you are asleep, your body gets time to repair itself.

4.  Read a book

Reading helps to divert away the mind. It is like a temporary escape from your own life. You read about some other character`s life, their problems, their solutions and who knows if there is a good ending you will feel good too!

  • The monk who sold his Ferrari- The book illustrates perfectly how to de stress and focus on important things in life. Life is too short to spend worrying about things which are of no significant importance.
  • The alchemist- This book by Paulo Coelho revolves around Santiago and his search for treasure. This book will make you ponder over what`s life all about?
  • You can read some other self help books too!

5) Eat

 When in a low mood, eat chocolate, cookies anything sweet. Chocolate helps in reducing anxiety causing hormone Cortisol and increases Serotonin (responsible for soothing effect). Besides these you can also eat. Avoid oily foods, caffeine and alcoholic beverages. In liquids, drink green tea. Thiamine amino acid helps in relaxing the mind.

 6) Do yoga

Breathe in breathe out. Although it sounds quite simple but it is very effective. Yoga helps in releasing the negative emotions out of your body. With every breath out you feel you tensions going out too. There are different styles of yoga. Do what suits you. Pranayam (focused breathing) helps in decreasing the levels of Cortisol in your body.

 7)Take a run

 Plug in your earphones, take out your running shoes and go for a run. Not too fast, not too slow but moderate speed. Running is a great stress buster. It keeps you fit- both mentally and physically. Make sure you don’t run too hard at once, you may get cramps later.


 Relax your body, sit in a peaceful room and then concentrate on one thing. Make sure there is no other distraction nearby like music or tv. It can be a tip of pen, flower, dot or flame. Try blocking random thoughts coming to your mind. Mind has a lot of clutter. In the starting, it will be difficult to get rid of useless things. With practice you will get better. Make sure your back is straight when you meditate.


 9)Let out your creative side

 If you like to paint then pick up your brush and let out your anxiety through it on a canvas. If you like to write then pen down your feelings. You can try out cooking, gardening, singing etc. Do what you love and couldn’t do because you were so busy working.


This is probably the most favored stress buster. It is easy and requires fewer efforts. Bathing relaxes your muscles, increase circulation and take your mind away from problems. It calms your mind and body. It refreshes you and make you  more active.

 11) Avoid drugs

When hard times hit, people tend to fall on drugs for getting relief. But drugs are not the answer. They weaken your body as well have adverse effects on your mind.  They give relief temporarily but once you get addicted there might be no way out.

All the above stress busters work only when you put all your heart into it. The final stress buster is to face the problem later. You can`t ignore a problem forever, you will have o deal with it sooner or later. Whatever is troubling your mind, giving you stress and anxiety, deal with it.

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