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11 Signs that you are Socially Awkward


Confused, alone, misunderstood and out of place- in short socially awkward people. You will never see them in open. They walk in shadows. Only few people are actually their friends rest are all just strangers. Nobody has sustained a conversation with them longer than 10 minutes. If you see a group of people coming through right, you will find them in the left. If they are forced to attend a social event you will find them easily, sitting quietly, hoping to get hold of Harry Potter`s invisible cloak. Here are the 10 signs which means the person is socially awkward-

1)Social events are a nightmare

If your default answer to any social event is a big NO, you are socially awkward. You are afraid to go to a place with 100 people trying to be friendly and wanting to strike a conversation. You feel like running away from your own house when your mom says, “Beta mehmaan aane waale hai aaj.” Basically you are paranoid of any human being around you. Parties, marriages and other events are for happy, enthusiastic, social people, you are not one of them.

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2)Big silence after greetings     

After the usual “hi, how are you?” you are left with nothing to say. You search your brain for things to say but nothing comes out. The conversation then becomes one sided with other person making all the efforts to keep the conversation going. Your inability to say something is then misinterpreted as rudeness or disinterest, other person leaves. In case he doesn’t leave, the silence is too uncomfortable for you, with each second passing by like hours.


3)You feel left out in a conversation

Bunch of people talking about random stuff, you realize that you don’t fit in any stuff. Conversations are a tedious task for socially awkward people. They are unable to keep up with any topic and lose the interest quite early. Although you try your best to pretend to be a part of conversation, you realize it is just not your cup of tea.

4)Easily misunderstood       

Socially awkward people and other people, both are unable to understand each other. You are highly misunderstood. Your jokes are taken seriously and when you try to pitch in with some knowledgeable information, you are laughed at! Socially awkward people are a confused lot, always wondering how to behave when in a group. This pondering takes a toll and you end up behaving in the opposite way!

5)Split personality when online

Social networking sites are a boon for such people. You can be social without being actually social. You will suddenly start talking more while chatting. You will crack jokes, ask questions, respond to your questions. It is like you become a different person behind the screen. No prizes for guessing which emoticon tops your list!


6)You never volunteer

You are the one trying to hide yourself when teacher says; “Who wants to volunteer for a group presentation” Your brain does the math. Group means people and people mean the awkwardness. NO! It is like a compulsion, you will be condemned to converse with them.

7)You are a fiddler

When someone is talking to you, you automatically start fiddling with your pen, shaking your legs, playing with your hair or moving your fingers. All these small activities help in releasing the tension that builds up inside you when you have to make a small talk.

8)Physical contact makes you cringe

“Not the hugging kinds”- this sums up the point. An innocent physical touch makes you cringe, leave alone the intended. You hate public places due to this reason. Even if your hand touches someone else`s you feel awkward and regret coming out in open. You can never decide whether the person in front will go for a handshake, fist punch or a high five!

socially awkward

9)Pappu can’t dance and neither can you

Dancing attracts attention and that is the last thing a socially awkward person wants. When dancing, you feel as if they are in the spot light, all the eyes are staring at you, piercing your body like a laser beam. This is why dancing is never your past time hobby or passion! Unless you are high on vodka or whiskey, people will never see you shake a leg.

10)Eye contact paralyses you     

Eye contact paralyses you. You turn into a statue as if you have seen Medusa. Your brain hopelessly thinks for a rescue plan, but in vain. You can never have a decent talk eye to eye. Your eyes will always be moving from one thing to another, wondering when the person will stop talking. Oral presentation makes you nervous as you have to face a group of people and look in their eyes.


11)You hate getting clicked

Posing for pictures is a dreadful task. You hate the invention of selfies as the front camera shows too clearly the level of your being uncomfortable. People around you always wonder why you behave strangely and almost panic whenever anybody says, “let`s click a picture!” The reason for this feeling is when someone clicks a picture you feel as if they are focusing on just you, your expression, your pose and you feel the spot light on yourself again!

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