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11 Popular Modern Décor


Well the way of Lifestyle of people has changed with time and advancement, From the same stereotypical way of decorating and assembling decors in the house, Now people have started using their own creativity, style…People now focus on their personal tastes, choices, Beliefs, Myths, etc. Modern Décor is a fusion of typical decorative items with a mix of New Style and Trend!! DIY i.e. “Do It Yourself” has propagated a lot in recent times where people use their own waste materials or create something new with the available items!! For example using Glass bottles with pebbles and Christmas lights inside them as a way of LAMP!! or even a Garden lamp.
Lot of new styles have emerged and housewife’s are actually using them. Even today at home décor stores the products have changed, Modern contemporary prints on cushions and sofa’s ,Bold colours, and innovative products are available. Now days people use or buy decors for their home with a purpose behind it!


Candles are a very famous way of decorating the house. They can be used for festivals, celebrations or even as a Home Décor. Candles come in all types, shapes and sizes! People use Aromatic candles for their home and even for bathrooms and spa. Some people believe that candles bring good wibes to the house. Different ways of using candles have made people choose to use them for different ways. Now a days people use hanging candles or candle stands to light up the house. Floating candles are also very popular. Modern décor stores are nowadays selling rectangular platters on which pebbles and candles are placed to decorate the house. Jelly candles and packed candles with bows and glass are also available!


Well this has become very much popular these days. Glass lanterns and cage shaped lanterns are being used for Gardens , hanging them in Restaurants ,Wedding venues and even in Hotels. The purpose of Lantern was just to provide light but with innovation now people are using it for different purposes at different locations Glass coloured lanterns are in trend!


Wind chimes have lot of good symbols as well ,Chinese believe it as a good way while some use it for wind directions, Many people like the tinkling sound while many like collecting. Now a days new variation of wind chimes are available and the wooden ones are also in fashion specially for decorating the Garden or Gazebos.


This was originated from Native American Culture where the (Ojibwe People) Red Indians used it as a decorative piece with sacred beads and feathers with the belief that it would filter out all the bad dreams and only allow good dreams into the mind! But now a days good stores keep beautiful customized Dream catcher as a trend and many people use it to decorate it in their Bedroom.


Earlier bird cage was meant only to keep a bird in to but now beautiful bird cages are being used with different patterns and candle stands as well. Some bird cages are being used for hanging plants , creepers and tiny flower pots.


Prints of vintage culture ,newspapers , classic artists like Audrey Hepburn ,Marilyn Monroe ,Eiffel tower ,camera, etc. are being used as prints on sofas , cushions and rugs! The modern art paintings also have these types of prints and Old heritage clocks are also being used.


Home decors are now coming with text show pieces like ‘LOVE’,’HOME&’,’FAMILY’, etc. These texts are used to be placed on either shelves or wall hangings are also available. ‘WELCOME’ is the most common text available either on a stone , Wall hang, door hang or on some sculptured show piece!!


Modern décor has brought a boob with itself, people are conserving trees and plants and at the same time using it as a decoration. Placing inside the house pots of Curry leaves or Bamboo tree, Is a good way to keep the house Green and clean with plenty of oxygen available.


Coloured glass bottles with knobs have become popular in houses and restaurants!! They are being used to serve water or as a decorative purpose!! While many people put a Christmas light inside it with some balls , shells and stars to make it look like a DIY lamp or decoration piece!!


Jam jars or bottles are now being used as glass for milkshakes and drinks. Jars with covers have a straw hole and are cute for carrying your favourite drinks!!Many bottles are available with mug style handles.


Tiaras are always beautiful specially the ones loaded with beautiful flowers!!Like a Christmas HOLLY, tiara can be compensated and be used for a door hang or can be kept around a boring flower vase.
So its all on the Advancement and innovations these beautiful stuffs have become popular and are being used as a Modern Décor !!

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