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11 Fictional Elements you Wish were True


                                   “Call it magic,Call it true.”

Coldplay’s “Magic” may have been interpreted and re-interpreted more than you can count, but it still remains my favorite while interpreting the time in which we live. In our daily lives we come across so many events that make us wish to exist in an alternate reality where magic co-exists with the mundane side of life. Although I believe that we live in fairy-tale worlds created by us, there are still certain elements of these growing-up tales and other fictional worlds that we wish were true…

1. The Magic Carpet.

magic carpets

Since the “Arabian Nights” days, we have all harbored a secret wish to own a magic carpet someday, a thought which peeks into our consciousness whenever we are stuck in traffic or wish to escape the present monotony.

2. The Magic Lamp.


When the carpet has already arrived, can the lamp be far behind?

The lamp usually comes as our imaginative rescue when we target something usually unattainable, or simply requires too much effort. Also, when we are seized by sinful desires such as the cravings to eat junk food or to skip work and just sleep.

3. X-Men Powers.

a) Jean.


Oh yes. The fascination with the tangible powers of the mind. From spoon-bending to throwing cars of the streets, who knows what else the mind can do. Ah, if only…

b) Storm.


What can be more fascinating than the power to have the elements at your fingertips? The mere idea of being able to bring thunder, hail and storm, is enough to send shivers down the spine.

c) Charles Xavier.


The Big Daddy of telepathic control. Imagine if you could communicate with your friends without saying a word, just by looking at them.

4. The Spider-Man Web.


I don’t want the costume, though it would be cool to wear it, but the web. Just think of all the possibilities that could happen because of the web. If you had this ability, your lives would be so much easier and well, you could show off.

5. The Dragon.


This is a personal favorite. The majestic beast which breathes fire and is an awe in itself. The desire to own a dragon someday, was further fueled after watching “Eragon”. This animal would be such an awesome companion. “Pet” would be derogatory. Much more majestic and stylish than your average Jaguar and Porsche.

6. The Talking Mirror.


The eternal companion. One who always convinces us of our beauty, no matter how ugly or sad we look or feel. The only one who stands by us till the end of our lives. Just one thing. I wish it talked.

7. Magic Portals.


The sheer fun of disappearing through portals.

8. Talking Animals.

talking animals

Yes. Dogs, cats, rabbits, mice… They make for really nice pets, but what if they could talk? What if they could comfort you with their furry, soft bodies and say “It’s gonna be okay, don’t worry buddy.”?

9. The Flying Broom.


We all secretly hoped that someday there would be letters flying in through the chimney. And then there was Hogwarts. And the flying broomstick. Interestingly, this flying broomstick was used by witches as well, on their nightly sojourns for little children whose heads were easy to tear off. In the human world, the flying broom could be used to jump traffic and play games as well. *Sighs*

10. Magic Potions and Incantations.


Imagine if you could take revenge on someone by, say, making their ears grow. Or maybe, making them forget their names. Incantations and spells are one my favorite wishes. It is true that such books exist and many claim to use it with beneficial effects, but if only they were a little less secretive. Imagine the powers they could bestow upon us…

11. Wolverine’s Claws.


The man makes us drool.

So does his abilities to slice up.

His claws deserve special mention because they would be utterly useful to silence those morons who can’t shut up otherwise.

And self-defense.

I’m sure by this time, your imaginations have gone on an overdrive, but think of it, in just a few images, your imaginations have started working full-time. In a way, your mind is now browsing through happy memories and images from childhood, from the growing up years and all those times you wish to go back to. And you might wish for them to come back. Guess what? You’re already doing that. The moment you started reminiscing about those good old days, it’s a kind of turning back the clock. In a way, you don’t have to wish for a time-machine. It’s already there in you. Inside some crevice in your mind, waiting for the light of  your attention to fall on it and make it visible again. Now, that’s one less thing to wish for. And repent a little less. It is these little realizations that make us conscious of our inner magic. The magic that lives on and continues to provide us the glitter and shimmer of the magic dust. The dust that engulfs our soul in its powers.

Happy memories. Happiness. Positivity.

Good health. Energy. Contentment.

I bet you’re going to have a good sleep tonight. 🙂

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