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9 Apps to enhance productivity

“The Web and new technology offer more opportunities to reach a world market at a lower price. Today, a person can start a business at home and reach the world market.”- Robert Kiyos

In this time of massive distractions such as social media and television, it is hard to stay focused and alert. Many people affect their productivity due to these distractions. New apps and games are developed every day and they constantly get our attention.  So are there certain apps out there that guarantee an enhancement in our productivity? Yes! there are and they are free of cost. Here is a list of 9 Apps that will enhance your productivity.

1. Ink Flow

An app designed for dreamers and thinkers, Ink flow enables you to record ideas in a visual form. As you record ideas with a pen, you can do it with Ink flow. Also, it is possible to arrange ideas into group as per your interests and likings. Available on Iphone, Ipad, and Ipod Touch, Ink Flow also lets you doodle your ideas.

2. Rescue Time

Do you find yourself spending endless hours on Facebook and Twitter, and want to track you time in a better manner? If yes, Rescue Time is the ideal app for you. Also available in a paid premium mode, Rescue time lets you know the different websites you browsed, how frequently you stay there and for how long. Also, Rescue time lets you set personal goals and track them through its dashboard.

3. Evernote

Evernote is the one stop app to stay productive. A core app, it enables you to plan schedules, make a to-do list, take notes, take pictures and add them to your list, record voice reminders etc. At its premium plan, Evernote provides more features such as more security, offline features, creating videos, sharing notes with friends etc.

4. is like a hub for your to do lists. Enabling you to schedule your to-do list, provides a great platform to remind you of things you need to do today, tomorrow or some other day. A feature called ‘ moment’ motivates you to review your task’s frequently. An ideal app for keeping lists and to do lists, is free of cost and is available on android, Iphone, and web.

5. Focusbooster

For those of you with a constant urge to check Facebook notifications while working, Focusbooster is the ideal app. The app works through Promodoro technique which is a simple technique to enhance your productivity while performing mind consuming tasks. Available on Windows, Mac, and Iphone, Focusbooster is free of cost and very simple to understand. There are plenty of alternatives to Focusbooster, one of them being ‘Tomighty’. ‘Tomighty’ has a simpler and user friendly interface.

6. Mailbox

Available on Gmail, android, and Iphone, Mailbox enables you to simplify your mail list. As per a recent study, an average person at least 13 hours in a work week to sort, delete, and arrange emails. Our life will be much simpler if we remove the waste things. And that goes for emails as well. Simple and user friendly, Mailbox enables you to manage emails like text messages. In fact, the app lets you read the email like a text.

7. Lift

Have you ever made a goal but find it hard to conceive? Lift enables you to get professional motivation and guidance. Providing a check in system that enables you to track your growth, the best feature of Life is the peer support. Available on android, Iphone and Ipad, Lift apart from providing peer support also gives you reminders to keep going through a tough goal.

8. Dropbox

A very apparent name but I could not miss Dropbox when mentioning about apps that enhance productivity. It is easy to share, user friendly, and helps millions of people around the world.

9. Instapaper

We all come across an article at the internet that we wish to read in the future. An app that enables us to list those article links will make things much simpler. With Instapeper, you can save them and read them as per your time preference.

“I think any new technology that helps connect and create social cohesion is great. But at the end of the day, you and I are analog creatures. We have to take ‘oohs and aahs’ and convert them to 0s and 1s and then convert them back to ‘oohs and aahs.’ Narratives that work in social networks are the exchange of stories that are told well.“- Peter Guber
“The over-all point is that new technology will not necessarily replace old technology, but it will date it. By definition. Eventually, it will replace it. But it’s like people who had black-and-white TVs when color came out. They eventually decided whether or not the new technology was worth the investment.”- Steve Jobs







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