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10 ways to quit smoking


You tried a cigarette once because your friends did it, it was cool, you stole one from your dad`s pack or for the feel of it. No matter which reason you started smoking for, you always end up getting addicted to it. You start enjoying it at first and later you just can`t keep yourself away from it. “Smoking is injurious too health” – you never even give a second glance to this line written on the pack. The gory images of Mukesh having cancer due to smoking never makes you shudder. So what will exactly make you quit and how?


Quit smoking because you are afraid of getting ill. Quit smoking because you are better than an addict. Quit smoking because you don`t want to die young. Quit smoking because you know it is killing you from the inside. You can never quit unless you know why you want to quit.


1)You have to take the first step

Decide that you will quit smoking. Be determined. Unless you yourself want to quit, no one can force you to quit. Family and friends will pressure you for time to time but they will stop later. You will have to take this one step yourself. Say to yourself “You want to quit. No more smoking.”


2) E cigarettes

You can`t just get up one day and quit. Smoking is addicting. It is a habit just like eating food, bathing and sleeping. Just like Chandler says “Think of the cigarette as your thumb”. You can`t cut your thumb. What you can do is replace that tobacco filled cigarette with an e-cigarette. It gives you the smell and flavor of the cigarette minus the harmful effects and cancer. E cigarettes will help you to control in the starting phase of quitting.


3) Ask for help

Just say once, “You want to quit” and your friends and family will come running to you to take that cigarette away! They will make sure you don’t slip. Whenever you feel weak, call your friends and they will talk you out of it. Tell them to burn your cigarette pack every time they see one.

quit smoking help


4) Distract yourself when you get tobacco cravings

Do some physical exercises the moment you get an urge to smoke. Go out for run or a jog. Hit the gym. Play football or do any work you like. Physical exercises will take your mind off smoking and will also make you healthy. Switch to other relaxation techniques. For some people, smoking is a way to release the tension and stress. The next time anything is troubling you, don’t smoke. Smoking may take your mind off that problem but it will sure give you health problems in the future. Instead of smoking, try yoga, meditation or sleeping. They will make you peaceful and calm.


5) Be positive

Once an addict, always an addict- Never fall for this. Believe that you have the strength to resist smoking. You can emerge as a winner only by quitting. Encourage yourself by striking off every day on which you don`t smoke. You will fail the first few days. But don`t worry. You will see the change gradually. Later you will realize how fast you strike off each coming day. You have finally quit!


6) Set a quit date

When quitting is concerned, every one becomes a procrastinator. If you really want to quit, set a date. Mark it in red color in your calendar. Set the reminder in your phone. Do anything that will remind you that it is time to quit! On that day throw your lighter and a pack of cigarettes in the dustbin.


7) Be strong

When you pass by a store which sells cigarette, control yourself. If you used to buy 3 packs at once buy only 1 this time. In office, if you see colleagues who smoke, say to yourself “I am stronger and better than they are” Quitting takes a lot of strength. Do not break easily.


8) Make a list of its harmful effects

Always keep a list of harmful effects of tobacco.

  • It weakens your bone.
  • Out of 7000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, 70 chemicals cause cancer.
  •  It affects your auto immune system and makes you vulnerable to infections.
  • Waxy substance blocks your arteries.
  • Smoking damages your lungs and result in respiratory diseases.


9) Join a support group

You will be able to relate to people who themselves are trying to quit. You will learn from their mistakes. They might even share their health stories. If one person successfully quits, it will motivate you to quit too. You will also be able to discuss your addiction easily without getting judged. Each one will find strength in one another.


10) Consult a doctor

Keep this as a last resort. If you still can`t quit, consult a doctor. He will prescribe few pills which will help in reducing the addiction. Nicotine candy or nicotine gum slowly releases less amount of nicotine in your body. It helps to slowly lessen the addiction. In few cases doctors will prescribe medicines like Bupropion which doesn’t contain any nicotine but is highly effective in helping the patient quit.


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