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10 ways to make your office eco friendly


Offices are the best place to make a difference in environment at a large scale. If there are about 5000 employees in an office and each one takes small steps to protect the environment the total result will be 5000 times better! At first it was believed that saving the environment might result in heavy costs, but it is exactly the opposite. You can save the environment without hurting your pocket. Here are few steps you can implement at your workplace to make it eco friendly-

1) Car pooling

When everybody has to go to the same destination, why take personal cars? Make a group of 5 people and take turns to drive. This will save the petrol, money, time and space on the road. If you live near to the workplace, ditch the car for a bicycle ride. Good for health as well as environment. When there is only one person in a car, it occupies a lot of space and result in traffic jam. Offices should implement a rule to encourage car pooling. Parking spaces will be utilized better. Carbon emissions from the vehicles will reduce.


2) Go digital

This is the digital age of laptops, I phone, I pads etc. Paper reports are obsolete. Prepare everything on laptops and share it via cloud computing. This will save paper as well as costs. Share the data online and confidential matters can be protected through encrypted passwords. Moreover, storing data digitally is safer as a backup copy can be made. This will ensure easy compilation of data on basis of various categories.

3) Recycle waste paper

Monthly reports are of no use a year later. Stacks of files lie useless in the storage rooms. Every day waste paper is thrown in the garbage. Instead of throwing the waste paper, send the bulk to recycling units. Recycling papers help in reducing the rate of deforestation. It also reduces the amount of water used in the manufacturing of paper.

4) Switch of electronics when not in use

A workplace has electrical appliances plugged in 24*7. Laptops, printers, scanners, TV etc are present in almost every floor. Some of them are not even in use. People are so engrossed in their daily tasks that they forget to switch off things when they leave the room. Rooms with AC`s and lights switched on is a common sight. This is harmful for the environment. Not only is this a waste of electricity but AC emits harmful greenhouse gases which are responsible for the hole in ozone layer, thus increase in temperature. Always remember to switch off the appliances whenever they are not in use.


5) Go for MFP`s (Multi functional printers)

The less the machines, the less material used and the less electricity consumed! Instead of buying different machines like scanner, photocopier, and printer- buy a multi functional printer. It will occupy less space and will be convenient to use. Always put the default option of printing on both sides of the page. Many trees are felled for manufacturing these sheets of paper. Do not let it all go in waste.

6) Make the most of applications

Want to note down a reminder of next meeting? Don’t go for the note pad, open the sticky notes in your desktop and it is done! You will be reminded with a voice alarm too. It might seem a small step but when such a small step is practiced by thousands of employees the end result is massive. Don’t send mails through post when you can do so through E-mail. Nowadays you can send PDF documents, photographs and files of large sizes through internet. It even saves the packaging material!

7) Use CFL (Compact Fluorescent Light)

CFL are eco friendly as well as pocket friendly. They consume less electricity and generate 70 percent less heat as compared to incandescent bulbs.


8) Proper dumping of electrical appliances

Electronics are not supposed to be dumped with usual garbage of food and papers. They should be sent back to a recycling unit which deals in such stuff. They harm the environment if not disposed properly. They release chemicals and the scrap material is not degraded properly in the landfills. Although as long as possible, repair and reuse the electrical appliances.

9) Install sensor taps

Water is nowadays a luxury. Few people get it and fewer people get it clean. Sensor taps are a great invention to prevent water wastage. It happens sometimes that a person leaves the tap open or few drops are still dripping. This situation can be controlled with sensor taps. The water flows only when it is required, as soon as you take away your hands, it stops. They are also hygienic as you don’t have to touch the tap which has germs on it.

10) Never use plastic glasses

Hundreds of plastic glasses lie in the garbage bin at the end of the day. They are not reused even if the same person goes back to drink an hour later. Plastic is non biodegradable. It lies in the soils for decade and still only few centimeters of it will actually degrade. Use reusable glasses. Encourage the employees to bring their own bottles.



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