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10 ways to get beautiful hands


Hands are a beautiful part of our body. They are always on display, whether day or night. Here are some tips to keep them healthy and safe. There are some points to keep in mind in using the products and removing your existing products.Talking about nail paint remover, it is strongly recommended that acetone contained remover should be avoided as it make the nail brittle and lead to breakage. The hands should be washed with the help softer. Follow the  rules and give your partner a gentle and soft touch of your hand. The hand and nail care will help you in getting even more beautiful hands. The problems of ragged cuticles and cracked skin can be avoided. So, check out the ways below:

1. Use a milky hand wash:


The option to keep hands soft is to use milky hand was, rather than soap or cleanser. Clear the cleanser, the more it may dry out the skin and soaps should be avoided as it contains the harsh chemical triclosan. Hence, try to use natural antibacterial ingredients like eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil.

2. Avoid ice or hot water:

Avoid putting your hands in chilled or hot water because it steals away the moisture of your hands. Getting hands into Chilled water may lead to constriction while hot water makes skin dry by taking away sebum as dermatologists say. So, remember next time!

3. Lube up with oils:

The best way to keep hands soft is to use oil. They are the best option for getting moisture into the skin. Oil is a good substitute of creams. The cream contains lots of chemicals that might harm the moisture of the hands. Hence, oils are the best way to regain the moisture of hands which could be lost in a daily life work.

4. Protect with sunscreen:

Hands are equally important as your face and your hands can spot and wrinkle just as fast as your face. Try to use smooth UV protection lotion SPF 40 along with lotion as sunscreen alone can dry hands. You can use SPF 22 care to even out spots on the hands as it contains a daisy plant extract.

5. Take Biotin supplements:


Biotin is one of the members of the vitamin B family. Intake of biotin supplements increases nail thickness and prevents splitting and breaking. It is reported that 2.4 mg of biotin on a daily basis for some months benefitted people with 90% of the 40 citing significant improvement. Not only is this, dermatologists suggest that, it is very important to take the prescription strength of 2.4 mg daily.

6. Avoid nail paint removers:

Nail paint removers which contain acetone should be strictly avoided as they are every harmful for the nails. Dermatologists said that if you have brittle nails, remover should be avoided and on a research it has been demonstrated that remover strip nails and cause them to become brittle.

7. Avoid rough emery boards:


Emery boards are used as a nail file. These old fashioned nail files should be avoided as they are too harsh for the nails and cause small cracks and fissures which lead to breakage. File your nails with a smooth file slowly and do not see them back and forth. The right for filing the nails is filed in one direction and do it evenly and slowly for reducing risk of breakage.

8. Detect health problems from nails:

Most of the health problems can be easily detected from the nails. There are various signs resent on the nails which tell you that from which problem you are suffering. White nails indicate the liver problems, half pink and half white nails are a sign of kidney disease. Moreover, yellow and thicken nail with slowed growth rate speaks about lung disease and pale nail can be an early symptom of anemia. So, check it out! If you face any of the above problems run to doctor immediately. These are the easy steps to check problems. Also, it is the best way to check the health related problems. Start doing checking your nails thoroughly from today.

9. Slather on Mask:

To make your hands look beautiful, just smooth on almond illuminating masque and the place your hands in plastic bags with a warm towel for 5 minutes as the heat helps the mask to penetrate. This a popular way and is in a trend. Most of the beauty parlors use this technique, so why go there. Try it out at home!

10. Learn proper cuticle care:

Manicures won’t help if the cuticles are dry and torn. Try exfoliating your hands with a body scrub and then nip only those hangnails that you can wiggle and try to soften other cuticles weekly with natural cuticle eliminator and then push them back with an orange stick. Sanitizer should be used to clean the hands as it is the best way rather than a moisturizer or hand wash. The dermatologist also recommends Sanitizers. You can use anti-aging cream at the back of hands at night. These are some ways to protect your hands and give them proper care. following the above ways will help you in making your hands more beautiful.

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