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10 traits that attracts


What qualities does a woman look in a guy? Women look for many qualities which go beyond the physical appearance. After all, never judge a book by its cover. Right? Looks can be deceptive. Times have changed now. Women want much more qualities in a man than stated by Donalgraeme-LAMPS (Looks, Athleticism, Money, Power, and Status). Physical appearance is not a necessary requirement. The lists have changed – dominance is out, women want someone who gives equal space to them, men who respects them and give importance to their opinions. It is not about the body or 6- pack abs, it is about what is inside their brain. A woman`s check list for the perfect guy is a bit long.

Following 10 traits will get her to tick mark most of the boxes.

 1)Sense of humor

This is the quality that will get you girls even if you don’t have the perfect height, body or physique! If you can make a girl laugh with your jokes, you can definitely make her fall in love with you. Sometimes all a girl needs is a good, hearty laugh. How else do you think Chandler got out of the friend zone? (Well vodka was the primary reason) his sense of humor! A good joke can start a conversation, can make her happy when she is upset and can give you a memorable moment to remember.



Nothing is better to a woman than a man on a mission. Their burning desire to achieve their aim sets them apart from regular guys. Guys who do nothing but hang around in their shorts all day long watching TV do not appeal to the woman, rather it’s a big turn off. You don’t have to make career your first priority but it should show that you want to make it big in life. There is much more to you than a guy who roams all day with a bunch of friends doing nothing.


Trimmed beard, washed hair, clean nails and no body odor- these will not only get you a good health but also bonus points from woman. A good hygiene is a must in woman`s list. If you can`t take care of your body, how do you expect her to believe that you can take care of her? You don`t need to start visiting salons often, but just keep the basic things clean. Put on your best cologne, clean your nails, avoid a 10 day beard, use a nice shampoo and you are good to go!


Don’t flatter, compliment. Woman can sense the difference between genuine compliments and a forced, mocking one. Women get more attracted to the guys who successfully notice any change in their appearance. Be it their new hairstyle, new boots, new dress or even a new necklace! Just appreciate her.



Women feel important when you share everything with her. She feels a part of your life. A lie catches up with you sooner or later. So you better not lie especially to girls as they have a strong intuitive feeling. Honesty is a rare quality to find and that is why it makes it so special.

6)A good listener

Women love guys who listen to them patiently without complaining. A guy who takes special interest in their matters and give suggestions earn extra brownie points. They hate men who are self absorbed and don’t care what they are saying. Men who constantly talk about themselves are a big NO!


Women prefer men who are intelligent. They need not be “Mr. Knows-It-All” but who wants a dumb guy! If you are smart and can be a part of conversation on any topic with ease, you will definitely attract some attention. If you have blank face whenever the conversation goes to topics besides gymming, you won`t score nowhere on scale of attraction.


8)Body language

Your body language helps in creating a perfect first impression. It should show confidence and activeness. Someone who is not self conscious and is comfortable in his skin. Men with clumsy postures make a bad sight for eyes. On the other hand, men with straight and symmetrical posture help in building a good image.

9)Not scared to show his love

Every woman wants to tell the world that she is in love. She expects the same from you. Never shy away from declaring your love. Do not overdo it. Just through small gestures make her feel special in front of others. Let the world be jealous of you two. Nothing excites a woman more than feeling the most loved lady in the room! You don’t have to buy expensive gifts, words and actions can speak for your love.


Guys who are quiet have something mysterious about them. They speak less about things that matter and at the appropriate times. The 24*7 talkers do nothing but irritate. Men who talk less score far well than the ones who babble all day. They don’t try so hard to get someone to like them and this is what makes women curious about them. Who doesn’t find James Bond and Wolverine? Nowadays, the brooding, strong and silent guy gets the girl.


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