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10 secrets to happiness


Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.Happiness is thought of as the good life, freedom from suffering, flourishing, well-being, joy, prosperity, and pleasure.


To behaviorists, happiness is a cocktail of emotions we experience when we do something good or positive. To neurologists, happiness is the experience of a flood of hormones released in the brain as a reward for behavior that prolongs survival. According to the tenets of several major religions, happiness indicates the presence of God.

Do you ever feel lonely in this world ?And you suddenly feel very sad ! And then you just wish to be happy again but you are so alone that you don’t know how to be happy again. So here are the secrets to happiness ! They include :-



Don’t ever do anything forcefully! Whatever you do in life please don’t do it with someone’s pressure or with someone else’s will. Do something that makes you feel good , something that makes you feel loved and you feel that world is very beautiful ! Something you are very comfortable in it ,something that makes you more lively in life,something that makes you feel wonderful! If you do whatever you wish you automatically feel happy and automatically feel love in your life.



Always be yourself. Be what you are ! Don’t ever change for anyone. When you change for someone you feel very much suffocated and your soul isn’t happy from inside. Because whatever you are doing is not by your own will! You do the thing which someone wishes too. And then of course you don’t feel good. Be yourself and do what you wish too. The way to happiness is to be yourself from inside as well as outside.


Never be jealous in your life. Always accept what you have ! Whether you are rich or poor. It’s better you accept the fact of life . Never ever get a bad feeling for someone who is more to you. Never get a jealous feeling for someone in life . When you are positive from inside automatically you feel happy ! When you think just about yourself and your family rather than others . You will always be Happy.


Always be organised for everything . The more you are organised in your stuff , the more you feel satisfied and you feel happy and pleasant !


Don’t worry without reasons ! Life has many ups and downs but all you need is to be strong because life keeps on moving . You should definitely worry for something which is important. But not for any useless thing . Always stay strong and automatically you will feel happy !



Relationships ! They are very important in everyone’s life. Not only the relationship you have with your lover, but also with your family , friends and the society. Relationship with you family and friends is very important . It is very necessary to have a good relationship with your family. Because when you are in trouble the person who comes forward to help you is your family and few of your friends. Your friends are basically the people you hang out with , you feel comfortable to share your secrets with! Your partner i.e your lover is the most special one , the one you wish to spend your entire life with ! Thus relationships are very important for happiness.


Don’t compare yourself with anyone ! Be the elegant you always . You are special and no one can be like you . You are just born one piece so the person you compare yourself with cannot be like you nor can be you be like him/her. Everyone have their qualities. Always try to gain good qualities from everywhere.


Always stay busy ! When you are busy you are so much into your work . You don’t get time to think about anyone except your special ones. You always think about yourself and your progress in life .And you are never involved in useless gossips thus you don’t feel stress and you always feel happy.



Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.Positive thinking is a must. Always stay positive make and feel yourself that you are in a very positive atmosphere . Get positive thoughts in your mind. Thus these positive thoughts will always lead you to happiness. Being positive is very good and you always feel relaxed when you are positive. A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success, and believes he or she can overcome any obstacle and difficulty.

10) TRUST GOD :-

He is the giver of everything . Without God nothing is possible.Trust god have faith in everything. Because God is every where he is the owner of everything. Till you have faith in him ,he will give you everything you want . He gives you loads of things in life . Love God and he will for sure love you back ! Trust him always. When you trust him. He will give you more of everything and happiness. Happiness can always be earned with help of God.

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