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10 Reasons Why You Should Drink Lots Of Water


Water! Well it is some good stuff. We can survive without eating but can not survive long without water. 75% of our body is water. 75% of this planet is water. Water is the life source and it is what keeps everything moving. Growing up, Water was a basic drink. Whenever you go to a friend’s house, you ask what have they got and they say water and you think to yourself, is that all? But now a days, you say thank you because you have realized that it is what keeping us alive. Every species on the planet have different food chains but one thing is common between them and that is water. We all drink water because it is all about being hydrated all the time. Health is wealth. So, here are some major reasons why you should drink water.

1. It is great for weight loss.


It is not proper to use the word “LOSS” because we are not loosing anything, we are just going back to our natural shape. The more water we have, the more we can metabolize fats. Metabolism does wonders because water reduces the water retention within our body. When we are just not having enough water, what happens is that we are storing more water. So, water helps eliminate more water which is a great paradox.

2. Getting glowing skin.


By drinking water, you are eliminating all the toxins purging the blood, cleansing the blood because getting acne is body’s way of getting rid of what is no longer serving the body. so, water helps us in this process. More water you have, more your skin gets that glowing touch because you are getting immunity from these toxins that give birth to oily skins, dark circles and acne.

3. More Energy.


More water we drink, more hydrated we feel. Every organ within our body is comprised of water and when you get up in the morning, just after one glass of water you feel charged because it gives the necessary ingredient to out internal organs. We always have to remember that the time we are drinking water is very crucial. Drinking water as soon as you wake up helps the internal organs and digestion. Drinking water just before going to bed can reduce stroke. The time we are drinking water also affects the energy level within us.

4. It regulates the body temperature.

body temp

Water is like a cooling fan just like a computer, so it stops us from burning up from overheating through perspiration and it does wonders. If we don’t drink water then the temperature of our body will keep going up and down and that can turn into heat stroke or dehydration. So, it is very crucial to drink water so that the body temperature remains under control.

5. It aids digestion.


The more we drink water more alive we feel. It is very necessary to stay away from tap water because it gets a little bit fluoridated. It does wonders to just clean your colon. Easy come and easy go. It helps us absorb nutrients into the blood so you get into that beautiful flow. A lot of the times we have to see that drinking water before you eat is powerful. What many of us do is eat and drink at the same time. Eating and drinking at the same time causes the water to dilute the hydrochloric acid within the body which makes it hard to digest the food. So, we can see that the more knowledge we have about water, the more we get the optimum health.

6. It is a natural shock absorber.

shock absorb

Water works as a natural shock absorber and lubricates the joints within the body. So, we don’t need the latest shoes, latest trainers and we can just start jumping all over the place and we are gonna be fine. It makes our joints strong and increases flexibility in our body.

7. It boosts immune system.


The beautiful thing about water is that it boosts the immune system so that it can fight with infections. Cancer is the depletion of oxygen within the cells so therefore disease can not thrive in oxygenated cells. We become healthier, our body can give us that protection we need once we start drinking more fresh beautiful water.

8. It lowers stress.


Many of us are in a hurry to get nowhere fast and water cools you down. It calms you down, no panic attacks, no anxiety because we have to see that over 85% of our brain is comprised of water. If we don’t have the adequate amount of water, we are going to feel stressed and dehydrated. The more we feel dehydrated, more we get irritated. If we have higher stress level then it is going to affect our physical body, mental body and emotional body because these three are interconnected.

9. It balances the lymph system.

lymph system

Lymph system is the body’s drainage system and it is all about helping infections. We have to see that it maintains and balances the body fluids within our body. Water acts just like a plumber in our body and it unblocks the pipes inside our body.

10. It improves heart health.


Water improves our cardiovascular system and prevents heart diseases. Just by drinking one glass of water before you go to bed helps you prevent stroke. When we don’t have enough water within our body then it has to get water off other organs. So, now the heart has to work twice as hard to pump around the body. So, it is very necessary to have enough water to maintain good heart health.

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