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7 reasons to dance


Dance is that activity which gives us immense pleasure. When we have nothing to do, dance is the better option in the room that can make you fresh and cheer up. Dance is the activity that keeps mental and physical pain low. Dance also helps us in burning the calories and is another name of time pass. Dance need not to be learned from anyone it can be done for our own. Not only is this dance helps in overcoming the cardiovascular problems, sturdy bones and stress relief up to a great extent. Below given are the reasons why we love to dance.

1. Stress relief is the advantage:


It has been shown that dance helps in releasing the stress up to a great extent. There are many types of dancing out of which square dancing, round dancing and contra dancing that if taught by some dancer you have to get focused on that as they require a lot of concentration so for that time you forget the stress and feel free. The dance is done freely when your all body is relaxed and free to move to your body parts in the air. Dance is very healthy and helps in releasing the stress for the time.

2. Helps in brain boost:

When you do different types of dancing it requires a lot of attention on the dance steps. New dance steps to learn require the flexibility of the body and thus helps the brain to learn the dance steps. Thus, your brain and body boost up together and there is no other way but to practice that dance step again and again. This makes your body more flexible and remove the stiffness. To memorize all the dance steps together helps the brain to work and thus your brain works along with your body movement.

3. Reduce cardiovascular problems:

Dance helps in keeping our body fit and active. Dance also helps various other health related problems like cardiovascular problems in the body. Dance moves can be fast and slow. These dance moves help in keeping the shape of your body, especially for the girls. Dance helps in relaxing the body and muscles. Not only is this dancing helps in reducing the heartbeat rate, cholesterol level, and the blood pressure. Dancing is so good for health that one should not resist. Dancing is a kind of beneficial workout. This dance helps in various ways so one should start doing the habit of one.

4. Team Work is required:


Dance in a team helps in maintaining the relation with other participants. It helps in learning the communication skills. Dance not only helps you in exploring, but also helps in maintaining the relation with the colleagues. The collective work in the team helps in keeping the skills of teamwork and learning new different steps from other friends also. Team work is a collection of rehearsals and touring. It makes the habit of relying on each other. When they participate in some competition, they have to be a strong unity and have to believe in each other.

5. Explore yourself:


Dance makes us explore. By learning different types of dance, we learn different cultures and traditions. Dance makes us learn history and cultures of different regions of the country. Dancers becomes aware of the responsibility to perform well in front of different sections of society and have the responsibility to give their best to win. Dance helps in tuning in the body shape. It is seen that dancer, combines their soul and body together and perform the best. Not only are the casual dances are of different types. Religious dance is there to contribute to god. This gives us immense pleasure and pleasure to soul and body.

6. Removes stiffness:


Dance helps us making our body moves and helps in stretching our body. Dance reduces the stiffness in the body and keeps us active from mind and body. It reduces the extra fat in the body. It also helps in burning the calories up to the greatest extent. Dancer looks so fit and fine. Dance is a super exercise to keep your body fit. Movement of the body parts in the range and stretching helps in the releasing the hormone called endorphins. This exercise is equivalent to biking, jogging, racing, swimming and weight lifting. Regular dance makes you wise and fit.

7. Presence of mind and body is required:

To learn the dance steps to make others learn those steps the presence of mind and body is required. Choreographers are none other but the great dancers. They know how to make good steps and how to make them flow. This is a great skill which requires the presence of physical form and mind. Stage and performance are the two fears which they overcome and give their best. Sometimes it happens that dancers forget their steps on stage this has to overcome, but the rehearsals and bringing the peace to your mind and to make work your mind according to your body movement. These are some benefits and the reasons why people love dancing. Dance comes with a positive attitude. So good luck and keep dancing!



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