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10 No Nos for Healthy Skin


The most essential thing for looking gorgeous is having a flawless skin.Even if you apply makeup,the canvas must be perfectly even for your makeup to get the desired results.Skin is the largest organ in the body and it requires much care to fight the daily abuse like sun,dust and pollution.Here is what not to do for glowing skin-



All of us know that sun can damage the skin tremendously and can cause dark spots,wrinkles and dullness but we do forget to apply it daily.Make it a habit just like you brush your teeth ,to apply 1 oz of sunscreen 15 minutes before you move out in the sun.Reapply after an hour if you are still outside.Don’t worry you will be still getting your dose of vitamin D.The sunscreen protects your skin from harmful Ultra-violet rays and therefore prevents dark spots and ageing.





Ever heard smoking is beneficial for you in any way?It has no benefits plus a dozen of harmful effects on your skin and health.It can cause diseases such as lung cancer,emphysema,heart disease, and stroke. But did you know that smoking can also lead to wrinkles?It makes the skin pale,slows wound healing and also reduces the blood supply to all parts of the body.It has the same effect as dust ,pollution and sun has on the outside to our skin.It makes the skin less elastic ,saggy and dull and it is very difficult to bring back the youth of your skin again.If you have little love for yourself ,drop that cigarette now.




Use cleansers that are ideal for your skin type.One must be sure whether he/she has sensitive,dry or acne prone skin.The trick is easy, cleanse two times a day but not more and be gentle.Don’t use harsh cleansers on your face.If you have acne,read the labels carefully and make sure it is oil free and non-comedogenic.





Scrubbing or exfoliating the skin is a great way to remove dead cells but if you have acne it is certainly not.It can make the problem worse .Gentle scrubs are OK,but if you rub your skin pretty hard,it can lead to spread of bacteria in the inner layers of skin and aggravate acne.Don’t scrub more than two times a week and use natural,gentle scrubs.Follow up with an alcohol free toner.





You have an important date tomorrow and what you see is a huge mountain sized pimple.Popping seems easy? But it can lead to permanent scarring and aggravate acne.So if you are picking at pimples to get rid of them ,you are actually inviting more pimples on your face.Try  covering it with makeup if you are going out and treat the same with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.You can also use ice and toothpaste  to reduce the size of the pimple and also get rid of redness.





You might have heard this many a times before ,but yes,stress actually damages your skin.It can make skin conditions worse and cause wrinkles and acne.Also,if you are always stressed ,you tend not to take care of your skin making it prone to damage.Live your life stress free,exercise ,practise yoga,laugh and take your beauty sleep.Your skin will shine with a pink glow.





The hustle and bustle of life and work pressure has a major impact on our sleep patterns.Getting 7-9 hours sleep is not only great for your health but also your skin.Your skin rejuvenates during this time and if you are not taking your beauty sleep,you willl notice dark circles,under eye bags and dull skin.





No matter if you have dry,oily or normal skin ;moisturisation is a must as it helps get rid of dryness and flaky skin,If you skip this step in your skin care routine signs of ageing can pop up earlier than you thought.Sensitive skin also requires moisturisation as it helps relieve irritation and itching.If you have oily skin,use oil free moisturizers. Use Aloe Vera gel for smooth and supple skin if you want chemical free moisturizers.Any skin treatment is incomplete without a good moisturizer.Even Dab some moisturizer  before  applying makeup for it to stay longer and maintain a healthy glow.





Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy skin.If you are taking enough vitamins and minerals ,it will reflect on your skin.Similarly,eating junk food full of oil and sugar can cause acne,spots and make it look dull.Diet also includes taking enough fluids and drinking adequate water .You must drink atleast 2 litres of water daily to maintain the elasticity of your skin.Avoid caffeine and drink green tea instead.It has more antioxidants than oranges and chocolates put together.





Eating in the right proportions is great but if you tend to overeat and experience sudden weight gains and weight loss,it can lead to stretch marks.You will always have saggy and lose skin so eat right!Apply baby oil if you already have stretch marks.

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