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10 Helpful Tips when Travelling Abroad


Tips On Travelling Abroad

Travel is all about to visit a new place and experience a new culture, heritage, history, food, lifestyle, etc. Travel freaks can travel anywhere because their main motto is to explore and know a new thing. Travelling abroad i.e. out of your country is a big step because you are out of your comfort zone i.e. It’s not your own country where you can manage easily with similar language, people, and food style. Going abroad is a compleltely new experience and your journey starts from the Airport itself. Soo many things have to be kept in mind. Visa, Passport, id card, tour plan, Foreign Currency, Formalities….etc. Travelling abroad may be fun if you plan out your trip carefully…long journeys specially on flight makes the trip tedious so make sure you make a halt/stopage in between on transit at a airport. For example if you are travelling to London then go via Dubai, this will make you free from nonstop flight and a bit of less jetlag.


Here are some tips on travelling:

Tour Plan

Planning the trip is most important step for your vacation. Make sure you know about the country you wish to visit and if its your first time travelling out of your country then it is suggested to go by a travelling tour agency like Thomas Cook, SOTC, Cox&Kings., Kuoni Travels, etc. Travel tours guide you better, you will travel in groups and make freinds, the hotel, food, and transport is included in your packages. Make sure that you first find out many packages and choose the best and affordable one. Plan accordingly to the number of days you tend to stay. Many people out of excitement who wish to cover up all the main cities/Monuments or the dream destinations make their trip tiring because in that case you will have less time to stay and your motto would be only to tick in your list that you have visited these places making it a tiring journey. Don’t be excited and choose places accordingly to the days you have on your vacation. Start planning two months before so that you have enough time to decide and make preparations. Season matters a lot. So please check which month you are visiting a country!

Carry Light

This is something very important to note. The lighter you carry the happier and faster you would be able to move.Don’t carry unnecessary items/luggage. Try to carry minimum suitcases, trunks or airbags with you. It is better to carry less from your home and bring back full when you return home. Many people shop abroad so you are at ease of bringing back lots of things home!

Maps & Guides

Once you have reached a new place, whether travelling alone or in a group make sure you pick up maps, guides, pamphlets available at the airports, souvenir shops or at information centres. Mostly all Western countries have a Information centre with the symbol ‘i’ and they always guide you to your destination if you are lost. The pamphlets give various range of places to be visited and you can choose such as information about Themeparks, timings, Zoo, Restaurants, etc.

Transport & Accomodation

Choose a affordable accomodation and means of transport! Hotels, Motels, Resorts, Caravans or Youth Hostels all are there. Various online websites makes you choose and book good deals in Hotels according to your budget! Hotels are more formal and give a basic facility with Bed&Breakfast whereas if you want a kitchen to cook side by side short meals then serviced apartments, motels or lavish timeshare resorts are also a good option. If you are alone or travelling with your partner and believe in backpacking YHA hostels are good where common kitchens are also provided. Transport is also a important part of any vacation. Moving in a new city means to be mobile, so first time travellers should opt for Buses or shuttles all are available from the airports. Buses are the cheapest means and then Trains or Underground Metro trains. Taxi or cabs are the most expensive means. If you can drive then Car rentals are also available. Open buses around the citiea are also there in many countries and if going by a tour package then they will take you by buses only.

Food & Medicines

Food is also a big point for different travellers. Some think it is a problem while passionate travellers love trying new food. Travel packages provide food of your taste and type while if you are travelling alone street food is more suggested than Restaurant dining. Street foods and food at the shopping centre Food courts are much reasonable and cheaper. Chinese food is availble in all parts of the world. If you have a asian tastebud there are plenty of options to eat. Coffee, English Breakfasts and Bakery items are available a lot. It is suggested to carry some munchies with you but make sure you don’t carry any food item along with perishable food that is prohibited in another country. Make sure you declare during immigration that will save you from any sort of Penalty. Carry painkillers, light medicines and bandages incase for emergency.

Flight & Currency

Always surf for a Good airfare. Choose the flight according to your budget and try to make a stoppage in between. Currency exchange is also important. There are many banks and currency exchange offices but try to avoid buying from airports since they give it in a bit higher price.

Language & Communication

English is the main lingua franca i.e. the main common language used allover the world to communicate but many european countries speak their native language like French or German. So make sure you try to ask people by sign language or carry a small pocket language dictionary. If you wish to carry your phone then Buy SIM cards from the country itself. Airports sell expensive sim cards.Many places are WIFI friendly too.

Self Sufficient

Try to be self sufficient and to yourself. It is not necessary you will find everyone helpful or freindly to you. Many people are generous and help tourists while many don’t. You should try not to bother anyone and keep to yourself. A smile and good morning wish is better rather to stop and make a long conversation. It is better to travel in group packages where people are of your own country and language and all your doubts can be cleared out by your Group guide.

Clothes & Accessories

Carry proper clothes according to the place you are visiting. Once you have got your VISA… it means that you must plan the things you would be carrying. If you are going to a cold country where winter is expected carry woollens and if you are going for a beach summer holiday then carry Summerwear, Swimming trunks, SunBlock, etc. Sunglasses is very handy and beneficial. Try carrying a small handbag or a sling purse to carry your cosmetics and handy stuff.

Camera & Souvenir

Well Camera is the most important thing because it will capture all your memories. Photographs are itself like a souvenir.Cameras, Mobile phones, Tablets or handicams are best to click out pictures and make videos. Don’t forget to buy small showpeices like souvenirs as a token of memory.

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