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10 Habits of Really Happy Couples


The world becomes a happy place to live if you find the right one for yourself. It is never easy to find someone who would be very compatible with you. And at times when you find such people, you end up messing up things for yourself. Then you around those happy couples and wonder what are those things which they do and you don’t. Here is the list of 10 things that happy couples do. you should surely try to follow them!

It’s the Right that matters and Not the Wrong

positive side

No one comes into this world being the perfect person. So if you keep focusing on the fact that your partner is bad at this or bad at something else, you are surely going to end up being nowhere. This is certainly not what the happy couples do. They never try to focus on the bad things or the qualities which their partner is not possessing. They rather spend their timing appreciating the good qualities of their partner. As said earlier, nobody is perfect. You should be so good as a partner that your partner becomes perfect in your presence. This is what the happy couples are very good at doing.

Time to sleep!

The moment we see people in relationship saying that they should be sleeping together no matter how far they are from each other in the physical terms, we tend to laugh at their ideologies. But this thing actually works in the real world. When you develop a habit of sleeping with your partner or rather say that you develop a habit of sleeping at the same time, then the love you have grows manifold. This is probably one of the habits of happy couples. We might make fun of their lovey dovey tricks. But these tricks do work!

They Develop Similar Interests

similar interest

It is an obvious thing that no two people can have similar interests. No matter how compatible you are with you partner, there does arrive a situation when you both have conflicting takes on any particular topic. The people who are happy in their relationships are pretty much aware of this. They know that they cannot have same likes and dislikes. But they take that extra effort to develop similar interests. These little compromises that they make with their own inner self for the sake if their partner is the essence of their relationship.

Holding Hands was Never Melodramatic

Yet another action which most of the happy couples do is that they hold hands. Holding hands make your partner feel secure. They get the sense of possessiveness when you do something of this sort. Moreover, holding hands might sound like a public display of affection symbol, but in reality, it is not. It is just a handful of people who have made this sweet gesture into a poor one by ridiculing the major reason behind holding hands. For the people, holding hands has become a symbol to show their friends that they have a partner in life. How foolish does that sound? Certainly not as much as it actually is. In any case, holding hands is probably the best gesture that the happy couples have. It is simply not as melodramatic as you are imagining it to be!


Forgiveness is the Key

It’s so easy to fight about stupid nothings and hold a grudge, but that’s not the way to be happy in a relationship. You have to forgive your partner after a fight, even if it’s something big. Every relationship encounters some or the other problem in their course of the journey together. You would be really blessed if you have a relationship free of fights and arguments. But the way one handle the relationship holds the key in such situations. You should never hold a grudge against your partner. If they give you a reason to be angry and sad, remember that they are the same ones who have given a million other reasons to be happy!

A hug always works

Well, this does sound awesome and it indeed is. Everyone wants a good hug after a hard toiling day.Whenever you have a bad day, you can turn up to your lover and hug them. Being in their embrace will certainly make you feel a lot better. Similarly, you can always turn up top them when you have a good time or have a success story to share. You can simply share your happiness with them. They will be more than delighted to know about your happiness. This sharing of emotions through hugs is what separates happy couples from the regular ones.


Good Morning Texts Helps

Whenever you are in a relationship, you should know that you need to be very careful about the little things. It is the little things that matter. So every morning if you send in a morning text, it might make all issues clear for you. It sets the tone for your day! Happy couples do this on a fairly regular basis and this is what makes them so close to each other. They love starting their day with their partner’s text.

Good Morning Texts

And so does Good Night text!

If you can think of starting your day with your partner, you can surely think of ending the day with a sweet good night message for your partner. This makes them feel special and even you feel good about it.

Check Their Mood

It is always a good idea to check the mood of your loved one. You never know when your partner might get into a gloomy state due to some or the other reason. They might not directly come and tell you about their problems as they do not want you to feel the heat because of it. That shows that they do care for you. But how do you react or repay them in such a case? The simplest of ways is by asking them at frequent intervals. There is no harm in checking your partner’s mood. The moment you feel there is something odd in their behavior, try to make them happy with some sweet gestures of your. You have the power of making them happy again.

The Gratitude


No relationship can last long without the feeling of gratitude. You should be thankful to God and thankful to your partner for being there for you. You must feel special and know that you are certainly lucky to have a loving partner. Not everyone on this planet gets this privilege. So whenever you get an opportunity, no matter how small it may be, just say a word of gratitude to your partner. It will make them feel that you do value their presence in your life and truly love them to the core. This is what happy couples do!



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