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10 Easy Ways to Become an Early Riser

10 Ways to become an early riser
10 Ways to become an early riser

It is something we all think of doing, but end up failing miserably at. Somehow we manage to get up early for a few days though it never becomes a brain wired habit. There’s a huge difference between waking up in the morning and becoming a morning person. Days of morning people begin as they wake up, for them morning is the most part of the day. Here is a list of 10 easy ways to become a morning person.

1. Systematize your Sleep

The simplest idea which, probably for most people, could turn out to be the most difficult one. Just freaking set a precise time for sleeping and waking up! Standardize your sleep to a good 7-8 hours and you’d easily be waking up at your desired time. Also, find time for a nice 15 minute nap in the afternoon for some rejuvenation.

 2. Take Small Steps

Baby steps your way to become an early riser. First you need to figure out the reason that keeps you from waking up early. Is it because you can’t sleep early? Then what keeps you from bed in the night? Having clear answers to these questions is the first step you should be taking.

3. Make a to do list

Knowing that you’ve got stuff to do will easily get you out of bed. Stick a task list around your bed, so you get to see it as you wake up. Rank the tasks as per your priority so you get to complete the important things on time. Remember, accountability creates responsibility.

4. Know your body

Every one has a different body. When you look to set a precise sleep routine, know that your body might need some extra rest due to work load. So when you feel tired, take some rest. Even if it goes against your schedule, have a nap during the day at times. If a cup of tea keeps you active in the evening, go drink it.

5. Get Productive

One of the most apparent morning mistake people make is to indulge in unproductive things right after they wake up. Morning should not just be about getting up, shitting, having a bath, getting dressed and leaving for work. Mornings should be the time where you are the most productive. So, indulge in something productive as you wake up.

6. Morning Light is Amazing

The natural morning light is known to cure Seasonal affective disorder. Waking up in light is much better than waking up in black. Ensuring a good inflow of light is a great way to get you in the morning mood. Also, it refreshes your head and sets you for the day ahead.

7. Structure your diet

What you eat in the morning is in direct proportion with how you feel throughout the day, so wisely choose your diet. If you start your day with slack food, you’re up for a slack day. Ensure you indulge a good amount of proteins, fibers, carbs and healthy fats in your breakfast.

8. Your Bed is for sleeping

The revolution of computers made it easy for us to work on the bed. But, this habit might disrupt your sleeping patterns. Rather, use the bed for sleeping and mating only. This simple habit might work wonders for your sleeping patterns, you’ll sleep more peacefully. And don’t forget to switch off the gadgets before you sleep.

9. Exercise

If you’re not utilizing the health club membership, it’s time you frame a morning workout routine. Even a 30 minute workout will set you for the day and remove the lethargy. If your job provides for a gym, go use the one in your office. Or if you’re looking for more frugality, go for a short walk around the neighborhood

10. The Morning Me Time

As Robin Sharma prescribes, take out a holy morning hour for yourself. Meditate, plan the day, exercise or do anything that is soul nourishing. This time investment will eventually work wonders, and you’d be grateful to yourself for imbibing these morning rituals.

“About four days a week, I do pretty good at having a morning prayer time. But even at that, it’s a rambling sort of thing. What I have learned to do better is to try to keep my mind turned toward God and ear inclined toward God throughout the day, and I think I’m doing better at that ,but I’ve got a long way to go.”- Max Lucado
“I’ve been saying for a couple of years now that people need to let God out of the Sunday morning box, that He doesn’t want to just be with you for an hour or two on Sunday morning and then put back in His box to sit there until you have an emergency, but He wants to invade your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.”- Joyce Meyer
























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