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10 benefits of blueberries


It is said that small things sometimes give greater benefit, blueberries is one example. This little fruit has many advantages as it makes dry skin soft, maintain the growth of brain and what not. It has anti-cancerous properties, anti-allergenic properties. It also works as aspirin to reduce the pain. This article is dedicated to blueberries which will shock you with its features and you would not be able to resist it ever. Blueberries have different useful ways that gives a reason to eat.

1. Immune system:


Research has shown that blueberries keep our immune system fit and fine. It contains some powerful antioxidants which neutralize the free radicals introduced in the body by pesticides toxins and smoke. These antioxidants are a result of the pigment which provides blueberries the blue color. It is also reported that, the content of antioxidants present in blueberries is more than any other vegetable today.

2. Anti-cancerous:


What is more beneficial than an anti-cancerous fruit with other qualities too? Blueberries is one such example which provides a component called anthocyanins. The blue color of blueberry comes from the compound and it helps in fighting with cancer cells as it reduces the growth of tumor cells. This powerful antioxidant plays a great role in keep away the risk of cancer and is thus so popular in the fruit market so start eating them now.

3. Anti-fat:

Blueberries contain an anti-fatty acid called catechin which helps in burning the belly fat and makes you look stunned. Polyphenols present in the blueberry not only burn the fats but also reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome. Moreover, blueberries contains very lee amount of calories (like 5 ounces of blueberry contains only 80 calories) as other vegetables, this may be the reason why one should start eating blueberries.

4. Nutrients:


Blueberries is rich in various types of nutrients like vitamin C, manganese, Vitamin E, riboflavin, niacin, potassium and folate. All these nutrients are very important for health and are rich and necessary contents. Manganese helps in bone growth thus it should not be avoided by children and young age people.

5. Memory:


Blueberries helps in overcoming the age-related memory problems. The antioxidants present in the blueberries, flavonoids is responsible for overcoming these memory related problems. Blueberries that is why called brain stimulator. Research has shown that a cup f blueberries make your mind stronger and sharper and you become smarter. Thus parents should give at least one cup of blueberries daily to their children so that they can grow better and become smart in studies.

6. Heart:

Blueberries is not only good for memory but heart also. It is reported that eating blueberries regularly keep away the heart problems in women. Actually, the compounds present in blueberry helps the arteries in dilation and thus prevents the risk of heart disease. Thus blueberries should be given to old age people so that they can overcome the problems of heart and can live long. When fruit has so many advantages for health then why chose medicines to overcome the problems. Be natural, stay healthy.

7. Lowers blood sugar:

Apart from so many benefits discussed above, one is that blueberries helps in lowering the rate of blood sugar in body. It has been shown that blueberries helps in improving the inulin sensitivity. It is known to have low glycemic acid and is beneficial for blood sugar regulation, especially in people who are going through diabetes. Regular intake of blueberry gives the significant result in the improvement of blood sugar. Thus it helps diabetic patient.

8. Fiber:

Blueberries said to contain decent amount of fiber content. This fiber helps in fighting the constipation as it is present can absorb up to 16 times of water of its own weight. So helpful for intestines in the body. Thus it regulates the constipation. This feature of blueberry is hard to find in any other fruit. Thus, one should have the habit of blueberries. It is reported that, a cup of blueberry contains approximately 4 gram of fiber which is nearly 15 % of the daily diet. The modern diet does not have such benefits and is degrading the body day by day.

9. Good in taste:

Blueberries are not very expensive and are easily available. Moreover, they tastes good and one cannot stop eating after having one. It is reported that blueberries contains excellent anti-inflammatory agents and thus reduces the inflammation. Blueberries should be taken by everyone young or old.

10. Other advantages:

Blueberries apart from the above points helps in bone health as it contains the high amount of manganese which is beneficial in the development of bones. This is all the more reason to give blueberries to your children. Not only is this, blueberries contains phytonutrient quercetin which is known to reduce the severity of allergies. It contains other compounds like salicyclic acid which helps in reducing the pain and works same as aspirin. Starting from brain to bone blueberries has countless benefits and is more important in today’s era to have such kind of fruits in your diet. These are the reasons why one should start eating the blueberries and get addict to it as there is no harm but a bunch of benefits which is rare in any other fruit today.



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