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1 stop solution for many hair problems: Hair Masks


Are you still unhappy with your hair condition? Although you have made it a point to shampoo, condition and oil your hairs regularly, do you still feel that something is lacking? Your tresses are still not that shiny, bouncy and lustrous? Even after a good daily regime if you think that your hairs are unhealthy then most probably they require some extra nourishment. Most of the time shampoos, conditioners, oils and serums alone are not able to fix all your hair problems like hairfall, patchiness, dry scalp, dandruff, fizzy hairs, dull hairs etc. In such a case, hair masks can come to your rescue.

hair mask application

You just need to know a few tips and tricks and a bit of  knowledge to make some natural hair masks at home, then you will be ready to become your own hair expert. First you need to analyze the condition of your hairs and recognize what they are demanding. Are they too weak that a handful of hairs come out easily? Are they dull and look lifeless? Are they damaged by chemical products? Do they appear frizzy and tangled? After knowing your condition, pick up a hair mask from the ones given below as per your need.

 For dry and damaged hairs

The reason behind this problem can be many. Pollution, colouring and perming, excess chemical use, insufficient care etc. You need to condition your hairs extra well.

1  Banana + Honey

Honey works wonder on dry skin and hairs by restoring the moisture. It is a must apply remedy on dry and dull hairs. Banana being rich in vitamins strengthens the hairs from root to tip. It also makes hair look bouncy and lustrous.

Method: Take a banana and blend it in a grinder. Add a tablespoon of honey and blend again and again until a very smooth paste is achieved. If the paste still looks chunky, add some olive oil to it but don’t add more honey.

honey and banana hair mask.

Precaution: If the paste will not be smooth then you are going to have a very tough time in washing it away. Moreover, excess of honey added can make your hair sticky and difficult to wash. Thus olive oil is a best choice to make the paste more fine as it itself is a  wonderful moisturizer.

For dry, frizzy and tangled hairs

2  Coconut oil + Olive oil

It may not look like a hair mask to you at all since it is nothing but combination of oils. But mind you, this combination works no less than a wonderful hair mask.

coconut and olives

Method: Take some olive oil in a bowl. Add coconut oil to it in almost double quantity. The net volume desired should be in accordance with the length of your hairs. Massage the mixture into your hairs and scalp deeply. Let it work for almost an hour. Then wash it with your normal shampoo and conditioner.

Tip for better results: If your situation is quite worse then you should give steam treatment to your hairs. Take boiling water and soak your towel into it. Wrap it around your hairs for 10-15 minutes. Do it twice or thrice in one session.

Precaution: If you are sensitive to heat then perhaps the steam from boiling water may not suit you. Kindly drop this idea in such a case.

For oily hairs

This problem occurs when the sebaceous gland on your scalp produces too much sebum. You can’t control the working of your glands but you can definitely control its effects naturally.

3 egg + yoghurt

Method: Take half a bowl of yoghurt or more depending on your hairs’ length and volume. Add to it the extract from one egg. Mix it well until a fine paste is obtained. Apply this on your hairs and leave for 30 minutes. Wash with lukewarm water and then with your shampoo.

egg and yoghurt

Precaution: This remedy can make your hairs very dry sometimes. So never use this more than once in a week. Also you should never wash your hairs with hot water after applying any mask which contains egg in it.

 For dandruff and itchy scalp

Dandruff is a result of bacterial growth on your scalp. And it gets very embarrassing sometimes when your dandruff can be clearly seen on your scalp and shoulders. You can fix it easily with this DIY hair mask.

4 Honey + yoghurt + lemon

Lemon is the most popular when it comes to anti dandruff agents. Few drops of lemon can cause dandruff to go away completely in few washes.

honey+ yoghurt+ lemon

Method: Take few spoons of yoghurt and add ½ tablespoon of lemon extract. Add only ½- ¾ tablespoon of honey and mix it properly. Apply on your scalp and leave for 20-25 minutes. Wash it properly with shampoo.

Precaution: If you will not add honey to it then your hairs will get very dry.

For hairfall

This is the most common hair problem nowadays. Fix it on time if you don’t want to get patches on your scalp.

5 Banana + egg yolk

Egg and banana both are great hair care agents. Together they can stop hair fall very effectively.


Take one banana. Mash it and add to it one egg yolk from 1 egg. Mix it properly and apply on your hairs from root to tip. Leave for 30 minutes and wash off with cool water using a shampoo.

banana + egg yolk

Guys, now you know how to cure many hair problems. Get working now to get those beautiful and bouncy tresses!

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